Your NYE's Ultimate Underground Music Playlist

We’re all traumatized from 2020. Nobody ever wants to see that number again after the new year.

That’s why we’re trying to kick off 2021 with a playlist of killer tunes. All brand-spankin’ new/must-hear songs with albums coming out in 2021. A bunch of amazing music also came out in 2020, but it’s understandable if you might’ve been a little distracted.

Get your music discovery playlist off on the right foot this year and check out these songs before 2021 gets…well, who knows?! Forget it and just dance your way into the new year.

Ray Hodge, “Boom” from TBD EP (out early ’21)


Aaron Lee Tasjan, “Computer Love” from Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan (out 2/5/21)


M. Caye Castagnetto, “Hands on the Business” from Leap Second (out 1/22/21)


Alex Bleeker, “Mashed Potatoes” from Heaven On The Faultline (out 3/5/21)


Kate Clover, “Channel Zero” from Kate Clover EP (out early ’21)


Palberta, “The Way That You Do” from Palberta5000 (out 1/22/21)


Joshua Henry, “Hold Me” from Gurantee EP (out 2/12/21)


Lushlife, “Hessdalen Lights” ft. Felicia Douglass from Redamancy EP (out 2/19/21)


Stretch Panic, “Vampire Love” from Glitter & Gore (out 2/12/21)


Nana Yamato, “If” from Before Sunrise (out 2/5/21)