Your 4/20 Indie Playlist

Dude, do you know what day is it? It’s weed day.

Music has always been one of the stoner’s greatest allies. Musicians sing about it, advocate it and smoke it. I mean sheet music is basically a recipe for sound when you’ve got the music munchies. Everybody knows the term “elevator music,” but have you ever actually heard music playing in an elevator? Everybody seems to know how Bluetooth works, but how the hell does a needle on a slab of spinning wax work?

Sorry, got off track there. Anyways, hit that joint, pass it along and turn these jams up to give your 4/20 the soundtrack it deserves.

The Men “So High”

Starting things off slow with this catchy tune about getting high from The Men.


The Nude Party “Chevrolet Van”

A song about just living it up with your friends paired with a video of friends getting high at the office.


The Sun Machine “Drugs With You”

This band isn’t afraid to admit they like to get into an alternate state of mind when writing their tunes.


Liza Anne “Paranoia”

A track for my fellow stoners who tend to get a little paranoid after they rip one too many bongs.


ANMLPLNET “I Was Fucked By A Cloud”

From members of Slothrust, ANMLPLNET provides a song with a concept you won’t be able to stop thinking about in your high mind.


Mannequin Pussy “Emotional High”

This Philly-based punk group will get you rockin’ out, but also turn you into an emotional mess.


Los Angeles Police Department “Drugs”

Another slow one—this time a song about drugs that’s trying to keep you grounded.


Hinds “Finally Floating”

From their newest album I Don’t Run, I think it’s technically about love, but love and being high are eerily similar.


Post Animal “Tire Eyes”

Post Animal here to remind you you’re not fooling anyone with those bloodshot eyes.

Las Rosas “Christa”

This song isn’t about drugs, but this video to this catchy indie tune is hazy and trippy.


STRFKR “Stoned 2”

A song with mostly a bunch of mumbling that actually sounds good.


Shitkid “Yooouuu”

All of Shitkid’s tunes are pretty hazy, but this one especially—plus, they’re passing a joint around in the video, so now you’ve got someone to smoke with.


The Shacks “Haze”

A hazy song for a hazy mind.


Angelo De Augustine “Crazy, Stoned, & Gone”

This one will get you staring into the distance and deep into your own thoughts.


Faze Wave “Melt”

Just a song for you to melt into the couch to.


Frankie & The Wtich Fingers “Tea”

Another band not afraid to alter their minds to write music, their newest song with a very trippy music video.


Gymshorts “Browned Out”

Because you can’t really black out from weed, but you can sure brown out a bit.

Enjoy the entire playlist on Spotify!