Your 2018 Fantasy Baseball Stadium Food Tour

Baseball season is finally here and MLB fans across America are ready to cheer on their favorite players and chow down on their favorite ballpark snacks. And while you may know all the new players on your hometown rosters, chances are you’re less aware of the best new items to hit stadium menus. Whether your team lost in the wildcard race or went all the way last year, here are the foods to call up to your plate in 2018.

Arizona Diamondbacks

Big Dawgs in section 126 has a history of concocting mind-blowing menu items (hello Cheeseburger Dog of 2016), and this year they’re offering the Asada Dog: a Schreiner’s hot dog topped with fries, queso blanco, carne asada, pico de gallo and guac, all nestled in a toasted telera roll. The local food scene’s Mexican influence is obvious and with the dog an astounding 18-inches long, it’s sure to keep you full into extra innings.

Photo by Taylor Jackson/Arizona Diamondbacks

Boston Red Sox

This year, the right field roof deck in Fenway was named the Sam Deck in honor of the Sox’s new partnership with Boston Beer Co., the brewery that produces—you guessed it—Sam Adams. Fans can pair a bevy of Sam brews with on-brand dishes like nachos loaded with Sam Adams-infused beef chili and Sam ’76 Beer-battered chicken strips. The standout is the Sam Adams Lager-braised short rib grilled cheese, served with a side of tater tots.

Photo courtesy Aramark foods

Chicago Cubs

With newly renovated concession stands and a partnership with Levy, a Chicago-based catering company specializing in sports venues, Wrigley welcomes 11 new meal choices for ticket holders—including a kettle chip crumble-topped dog. As tempting as that is, we’ll go straight for the goods produced in the just-installed smoker: the Polk Street breaded pork shoulder that’s house-smoked and nestled in a telera roll along with house-made pickles and a creamy Dijon mustard.

Photo from Justine Boney (Curiology) courtesy of the Chicago Cubs

Cleveland Indians

Pork three ways? Yes, please! Progressive Field’s executive chef Todd Brazile has debuted a truly see-it-to-believe-it culinary creation. Named The Flamethrower, the sandwich boasts pulled pork, pork belly and bacon jam, but here’s where the dish really gets interesting: this killer combo is topped with barbecue sauce, green apple slaw and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Hey, don’t knock it ‘til you try it.

Colorado Rockies

Many of the newest menu items at Coors Stadium really push the whole purple-mountains-majesty thing, with three of the six sporting some kind of vibrantly hued ingredient. Then there’s the Rocky Mountain Oyster Po’Boy that’s up for—well, grabs. Certain parts of the male calf (you can probably guess which) are coated in flour and deep fried before being cuddled in a soft roll and loaded with garlic slaw, guacamole, green chili ranch, pico de gallo and cotija cheese.

Houston Astros

OK, so we’ll probably have to score double-header tickets to gorge on everything delicious at Minute Maid Park (um Italian nachos, anyone?), but we’ll start with the horizon-expanding BBQ Funnel Cake topped with pulled pork, a butterflied smoked sausage, citrus kale black bean slaw and golden grain mustard barbecue sauce. During the Seventh Inning Stretch we’re making our way to Brew House for their cinnamon bun sundae that includes a jumbo version of the pastry, vanilla bean ice cream, whiskey caramel sauce, Bailey’s chocolate sauce, whipped cream and berries … Oh and don’t judge us if we sneak a Cheddar biscuit with burnt ends for the ride home.

Minnesota Twins

Baseball and brunch collide every Sunday (and only on Sundays) at Target Field, and we want to go to there every week. This year’s iteration of Hrbek’s Brunch Bloody Mary consists of the spicy cocktail with two very long skewers inserted into the drink, upon which are skewered three different types of sausage, two olives, a slider, and a homemade version of an Egg McMuffin. Oh and there’s also a shorter skewer laid across the top of the glass with cubes of cheese, a banana pepper and—surprise!—more sausage.

Photo courtesy The Minnesota Twins

New York Yankees

Say it all together now: potatoes and ice cream. They might not seem like obvious teammates, but don’t deny yourself these back-to-back snack home runs. When eating in Yankee Stadium, snag yourself a jumbo tater tot on a skewer topped with cheddar, sour cream, bacon bits and scallions. Then while you’re stuffing your face with that, stand online for one of four Grand Slam shakes, like the S’mores with chocolate ice cream, toasted marshmallow, chocolate-coated pretzels and graham-cracker dust.

Photo courtesy of The New York Yankees

Washington Nationals

The most intriguing new menu item offered in Nationals’ Park this season is a drink loaded with ‘90s nostalgia. District Coolers are essentially boozy Capri Sun knockoffs—served in clear plastic pouches upgraded with colorful bend-y straws, you can choose from five flavors like blueberry mojito, black cherry sling and electric lemonade.

Photo courtesy of the Washington Nationals Baseball Club