Young Mammals, Korean BBQ and Italian Slurs This Week on BTRtoday

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Monday 8/12

Control Top Headline Mercury Lounge

Young Mammals Love Getting Lost

What Athletes Need to Know About Coffee

Tuesday 8/13

Soul Scream Set the Night Ablaze with The Mystery Lights & Ghost Funk Orchestra

The Republican Party is The Party Of Death. Start Calling it That.

Wednesday 8/14

Tool Memes to Celebrate Fear Inoculum

Fredo Isn’t an Italian Slur, Just a Pretty Good Burn

Thursday 8/15

The Basics of Korean Barbeque

The Dayton Shooter’s Twitter Feed Isn’t a Leftist Murderer’s Manifesto

Friday 8/16

Democratic Primary Exit Survey: John Hickenlooper

Aretha Franklin is More Relevant Than Ever

Rudy Ray Moore And Me