You Need "Thank U, Next" Memes In Your Life

Ariana Grande, the queen of pop, released a classy diss to all her exes called “Thank U, Next” just a few days ago and it’s a smash. It’s already projected to be her first U.S. chart-topper and with good reason—just listen to it.

The song calls out her exes by name and, instead of being petty and dramatic and talking down about them, she classily sings about how they taught her love, patients and pain and because of that now she’s amazing. “I’m so fucking grateful for my ex/ thank you, next,” she sings like an angel spreading self-love and confidence.

But it’s not just the pop music magic Grande has brought into this dark world, it’s the memes. In 2018, you don’t really have a hit song if the internet doesn’t do what it does best and turn it into a meme.

Check them out below, ’cause they are so amazing.

This first one hits home way too hard.


Then we have the childhood throwbacks that every millennial can relate to.


And, of course, Ari giving us a way to explain what the characters in our favorite shows have taught us.


Also, the characters in our favorite movies.

And of course, we all have those specific bands and albums that have taught us love, patience and pain.

We love you, Ari.

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