You Can Have a Little Bernie vs. Warren Memes

The Democratic primary debates have been a bloodbath. But as Americans, we try to make the best of tough times. Just check out our drinking game for the debates.

Bernie and Warren were practically a tag team against the billionaires running and corporate-backed politicians at the beginning of these debates. But, now that it’s getting closer to the primaries, the tides have turned—it’s all about Warren vs. Bernie. And while it’s anybody’s guess how the primary will turn out, #TeamBernie is winning in the dank memes department.

Check out our favorite Warren vs. Bernie memes below.


Candidates were split on whether it’s OK to let cats nibble on cured sausage, as a treat.

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The New York Times endorsed Warren (while also endorsing Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar) and released interviews with all the candidates (excluding Bloomberg, who skipped out on his interview). In his interview, Bernie said he doesn’t “tolerate bullshit” like saying “Happy Birthday” in the office—of course, that was gold meme material.

Know your candidates on the issues: Birthday calls. from PresidentialRaceMemes

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The “doodoo” below is symbolic of the shit going on in our government right now—in case you didn’t realize.

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