Worst Right Wing Pundits of 2018

Most conservative pundits are self-serving dingbats who spout hatred until they clutch their pearls at the slightest hint of pushback. They spread conspiracy theories or blindly regurgitate Donald Trump’s talking points word for word regardless of how deranged the point may be.

These right wing media personalities were the worst of the rotten bunch in 2018.

Laura Loomer

This far right internet personality was best known for slinging garbage conspiracy theories on Twitter. Then Twitter banned her, so Loomer handcuffed herself to Twitter’s New York headquarters while wearing a Jewish star. The stunt was pathetic and strange enough to make her a late edition to this year’s list.

Bari Weiss

New York Times opinion editor and writer Bari Weiss’ recent op-ed with Eve Peyser was essentially an editor commissioning and co-authoring a piece about how she’s a fun person to have lunch with. But Weiss’ militaristic pro-Israel takes, deification of the “intellectual dark web” and manufactured panic over liberal college students protesting conservative speakers don’t exactly seem fun to us. She’s also a semi-regular on Real Time with Bill Maher show, which tells you all you need to know.

Candace Owens

After Kanye West said he liked how she thinks, Owens’ red pill “slave mentality” garbage was put in the spotlight. Owens argues that her alt-right ideology is a product of her “free thought” rather than a reinforcement of racist Republican stereotypes. West’s endorsement brought her to the masses, but he soon ditched her and claimed he was being used. Owens, meanwhile, wound up fighting with Tomi Lahren via Twitter. You reap what you sow, I guess.

Ben Shapiro

The Daily Wire editor in chief is more of a meme subject than a serious intellectual. When he’s not lecturing about underwater real estate sales, Shapiro writes hard-hitting pieces about how the left hates Trump the same way they hated George W. Bush—an argument no one else would make because it’s completely idiotic. For a brain genius who loves facts, Shapiro sure does have a lot of feelings.

Lou Dobbs

At 73, Dobbs finally found his true purpose in life as Donald Trump’s head cheerleader. He blissfully spreads the Trump administration’s lies and praises the president’s intelligence and patriotism. Dobbs is the perfect anchor for Fox News-brain-rotted baby boomers, mostly because he is one.

Tucker Carlson

Poor Tucker had his house invaded by antifa thugs, or least that’s what he wants you to believe. It turns out Carlson lied about the protests outside his D.C. home, which didn’t elevate above loudly calling the Fox News anchor racist (which is true). But credit where credit’s due. He has the best look of slack-jawed bafflement in the media business.


Mike Huckabee

You can usually find Huckabee roasted on a Twitter spit over his latest bad joke. It’s essentially become his brand. His dreadful attempts at comedy are a perfect storm of feeble-mindedness and spite. You almost feel bad for mocking them until you remember who his daughter is.