Worst Right Wing Pundits of 2017

The Republican Party had a memorable year. The Grand Ol’ Party took control of the federal government, approved a fat stack of bullshit tax legislation, stacked the judicial system and tried to take away healthcare from millions. They might have actually gotten more done if the hack they sold their soul to could hop off Twitter for a few minutes.

Drafting legislation that punishes the poor and placates a wannabe dictator is busy work, though. Republican politicians don’t have enough time to shill this crap for themselves. Instead, they rely on an army of lackeys to stir the pot, feed Trump’s rabid base and keep the liberal tears flowing. From the downright slimy to the truly evil, here are the worst right wing pundits of 2017.

Tomi Lahren

Lahren blew up last year when her piping hot take on Colin Kaepernick went viral. And just like her favorite quarterback, she too lost her job in 2017. Soon after she reclaimed her video segment on Facebook and debated Chelsea Handler for some reason. Not even videos of her moderating an earnest collegiate political debate could keep Fox News away, and it’s where she now spouts her #Murica blabber. For such a rising star, someone should probably explain to her how memes work.

Alex Jones

Alex Jones rose to national prominence after the election of Donald Trump. Being mocked and exposed by the Deep State late night comedians hasn’t slowed him down, though. He’s still pushing insane conspiracy theories, hawking snake oil products and posting videos of himself angrily wandering around.

Owen Shroyer

One of Jones’ Infowars beta male cucks. Really he’s only on here to remind you of the time a teenage girl triggered him.

Mike Cernovich

Mike Cernovich is a rape apologist who made up the Pizzagate conspiracy, only to back off and say he didn’t make up the Pizzagate conspiracy. His so-called “gorilla journalism” is mostly him walking around with a selfie stick or lisping into a webcam. Yet somehow he still gets play on national news networks. I guess taking hate mongers seriously really sells ads. And like every alt-righter, he’s a super tough guy. Seriously, don’t touch him, buddy. Stay out of his space.

Baked Alaska

Another white supremacist dipstick who’s videos and antics were so stupid someone made a website to make fun of him. Last seen crying in a fast food parking lot about being kicked off Twitter. Whereabouts unknown.

Charlie Kirk

How do you make conservatism cool to college students? Start by picking the most uncool person you know photograph him standing in a pseudo-power pose while wearing a stained shirt. I’ve yet to hear this guy speak, but I imagine he has the voice of a cartoon dog. And like his other right wingers, he’s easily meme-able.

Tucker Carlson

With Bill O’Reilly gone, who better to fill his slot than another chinless, thinly veiled white supremacist? Carlson has long been a favorite of racists nationwide, and even though he switched to a normal necktie, you can still catch him interrupting guests between open-mouthed gazes nightly on Fox News. Aside from immigrant-fearing racist vitriol, he also provided the template for the always fun Tucker’s Thoughts meme, so at least there’s that.

Sean Hannity

Better known as Donald Trump’s extra special baby boy. All the names above emerged from the fringes—Hannity, meanwhile, has had a nightly show on Fox News since 2009. It’s served as the perfect place to spread his sludge nationwide. This year alone, he was suspended for slinging Seth Rich conspiracies, vehemently defended likely pedophile/newly elected Alabama senator Roy Moore and was accused of sexual harassment himself. Hannity is the GOP’s arrogant shamelessness come to life.