Why You Should Let Your Teens Watch 'Big Mouth'

Season three of the raunchy animated series Big Mouth premieres soon and we think you should be watching this with your kids.

Big Mouth season 3 trailer

Okay, hear me out—I’m not saying let your five-year-old watch a show where a giant hairy monster fucks a severed head. But I am saying you should let your adolescent kid watch a show that normalizes things like choosing birth control, menstruation, random erections and other pubescent discomforts. You get the picture.

Every girl has a story of getting their first period and rarely is it a pleasant one. Every boy remembers getting a boner at an inappropriate time and it’s always embarrassing. Growing up girls never discussed masturbation while boys talked about it like it was a contest. But as adults, we’re able to laugh about those awkward times and it doesn’t feel like the end of the world like it did back when we were teenagers.

Big Mouth sets the awkward moments of puberty in and around hilarious scenarios that we can all relate to. Knowing you aren’t the only girl who’s used a mirror down there to check out the merchandise or the only boy who’s jerked it to something as strange as a tomato makes the tough, weird teen years feel less lonely.

Take, for example, the scene when the character Jessi meets her genitals for the first time. Jessi is visibly nervous but when she starts talking to her vagina (voiced by Kristen Wiig) they end up being best friends. Plus, you get an anatomy tour where everything is properly named—like if you were in health class, but this time you’re actually paying attention and having a good time. (And bonus: Boys learn where the clitoris actually is through something other than porn.)

Jessi meets her genitals.

This scene teaches girls to be unafraid to get to know themselves down there, which is a scary thing for teen girls. Jessi ends the scene by saying, “You know, you’re not scary,” and her genitals respond, “of course I’m not scary, I’m you and I’m very fun. Wink, wink. You know what I mean?” Even in the YouTube comments, people share their stories about seeing their vagina for the first time. One person says she thought hers was ugly and she wishes she had seen this scene growing up. Another comment reads, “this is one of the most sex-positive and educational things that has ever been thrown into an animated comedy, and I thank Netflix for having the genitals to do this.”

Jed meets his hormone monster.

Season two, meanwhile, tackles boys who feel like they’re getting left in the puberty dust by more mature classmates. You get to see one character struggle with his “hormone monster” being too much and another with the lack thereof. Throughout the show, the characters grow to accept themselves for who they are and realize everyone matures at their own speed. And who doesn’t wish someone told them all of this when they were feeling humiliated, awkward and alone as an angsty teenager?

With all that said, you should watch Big Mouth before you share it with your kids. There are scenes that might be a little too much for more innocent teenagers. We’re talking orgies, aliens fucking the earth and, as I mentioned earlier, a severed head getting screwed. So, maybe go through it first and pick out the most educational scenes. If you get started soon, you’ll be bonding by season three’s October 4 premiere in no time.