Why Are You Surprised By Conservative Kanye?

After returning to the Twitter to wax poetic about creativity and post pictures of his latest shoe projects, Kanye West took a predictable turn to the right.


Candace Owens is a conservative pundit who works closely with college conservative organization Turning Point USA. She’s most notable for shouting down Black Lives Matter protesters for thinking within a “slave mentality.”

The tweet blew up, receiving praise from alt-right pundits like Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson and Turning Point founder/adult diaper boy Charlie Kirk. It also #triggered the libs, who criticized West for co-opting white supremacist talking points about race.




West wasn’t going to stand for that. He sent out a flurry of tweets explaining that the “thought police” couldn’t control him or tell him how to think, much to the delight of MAGA chuds. Soon enough, West was tweeting out videos of Dilbert creator Scott Adams explaining how the rapper/producer/self-proclaimed genius had altered reality with his Candace Owens take. Alex Jones even invited him to appear on his show.


West’s sudden rightward lurch shouldn’t surprise anyone on the left. He’s rapped about Owens’ point of view before. He said he would’ve voted for Donald Trump (if he’d voted) and visited the president-elect days after the 2016 election. He also knows how the Twittersphere works. Contrarian views will always get attention. And since West loves nothing more than attention, expect more of this weird shit as long as he keeps his Twitter account active.