Who’s Gonna Die in ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode 5?

After a tense and unexpectedly action-filled episode, blood is sure to flow next week.

Daenerys has descended on King’s Landing, and boy is she mad. But she’s down to just one dragon and half the forces she had a week ago. Jon’s on the way, depleted troops and all. Cersei is sitting pretty for now, but she knows exactly what’s coming for her. What do we say to the god of death before Episode 5? Dude, it’s gotta be today.

Absolute Goners

Cersei Lannister
The time has finally come. Cersei is arguably the most hated character in the GoT universe. At the moment, she has up to two legendary warriors coming for her (as well as Dany’s entire army and last remaining dragon). Beheading Missandei last week foreshadowed her inevitable downfall (as have her actions for the entirety of the series).
Bonus: Who Kills Cersei? Oddsmakers
Tyrion Lannister, 30-to-1. Cersei has long been obsessed with the Valonqar prophecy that said her little brother would kill her. She’s always believed it would be Tyrion, but GoT characters are famously known for misreading prophecies. His odds are low because it doesn’t seem like he’d have much opportunity.
Arya Stark, 5-to-1. She’s had Cersei on her list of names since Season 3. Since then, all she’s done is become a master assassin, eliminate entire houses and ice the Night King. Her faceless man training keeps her squarely in the running.
Jaime Lannister, Even. Aside from fulfilling the Valonqar prophecy, this would the perfect end to his character. It’s only way to adequately pay for his sins and break his connection with Cersei. Simply put, it has to be Jaime. Anything else would be a shock.

The Hound
The Hound’s headed to King’s Landing to face off with his brother, the Mountain, who’s basically a giant zombified killing machine. Clegane Bowl will surely be worth the wait, and the Hound may well kill his big bro, but it feels like he’ll pay with his life.

Euron Greyjoy
Euron’s rise from obscure Iron Islander uncle to ostensible king of Westeros has been admirable. His efficiency has also been extremely high—just think about the impact he’s made since becoming a major player in Season 6. He became a king, seduced the queen, killed a bunch of people and personally shot down a dragon. But if Cersei dies, Euron’s next on the chopping block.

Qyburn’s just evil enough to make the cut of this list. This is basically a reminder that everyone involved with the Cersei Lannister regime needs to (and will likely) be eliminated.

Might Be Toast

Tyrion Lannister
Tyrion’s been doing an awful lot of talking lately and some of that treasonous talk that might get him in trouble with Daenerys. His side is also about to fight his sister, the show’s final star villain, and she’s wanted him dead for years. There’s a decent chance he’s at the end of his line. And if we’re being real, he probably should’ve died last week.

The Spider initiated the treasonous discussions with Tyrion and has openly said he’ll do what’s best for the realm. What’s best for him might be shutting that yap and seeing how this all plays out, but that’s not who he is. Remember, Melisandre predicted last season that she and Varys would die in Westeros, and she’s already half right.

Drogon is Dany’s last remaining dragon, and losing him would be truly devastating. But the Mother of Dragons hasn’t exactly been great with her children. She let a bunch of wights get to Drogon during the Battle of Winterfell and overlooked the full fleet armed with giant ballistas that took down Rhaegal. King’s Landing is armed with those same ballistas, and Dany’s hubris has led her to blow a three dragon lead. If we make it out of Season 8 with one mystical creature alive (and on screen), it’d be a miracle.

Wildcard Death We’d Hate to See (But Might Have to Brace Ourselves For)

Daenerys Targaryen
So, Dany…kinda sucks now? That’s certainly what the showrunners want us to think. They’ve been hinting at her bad tendencies for years—her power-hungriness and penchant for violence, specifically—but last week was the first time people in her camp were openly discussing plotting against her. Her other top advisor was beheaded in front of her. She’s ready for all-out war, but as we saw a few weeks ago, Dany is distressingly vulnerable without her dragons and might have a little too much arrogance to survive