Who’s Gonna Die in ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode 4?

The game has changed. Following the massive (and poorly-lit) Battle of Winterfell, the Night King and his undead army are no more. Arya Stark eliminated the show’s biggest existential threat with an extraordinary leap and some nifty dagger work. Daenerys (and maybe Jon?) now set their sights on Cersei in King’s Landing to battle for the Iron Throne. And a bunch of people are coming with them.

The Battle of Winterfell didn’t kill as many main characters as anticipated. It’s hard to believe anyone would’ve survived an assault from hundreds of thousands of zombies and a magical ice devil. But aside from a few poetic deaths, most of our beloved characters made it out. Killing the Night King halfway through the truncated final season is a bold move, but keeping so many primary characters alive might be even bolder in a show where death is expected. It also makes any kind of death predictions a complete crapshoot. But using some obscure clues mostly of our own making, here’s our best guess as to who’ll face the chop this week.

Absolute Goner

There are no certain deaths this week. Unless someone sustained a fatal injury we didn’t see or hear about (which is possible!), the show will likely take a break from imminent death, at least for one episode. But that doesn’t mean a few still aren’t possible.

Might Be Toast

We haven’t seen Bronn since Episode 1 when Qyburn charged him with the task of assassinating the Lannister brothers. Bronn doesn’t seem like the type to betray his friends, but Cersei’s offering him more titles and a lot of gold, and he really likes that stuff. Maybe that hypothetical betrayal backfires and leads to his death.

The Hound
As the show moves south and conflict with Cersei’s army looms, Clegane Bowl seems imminent. With the Night King gone, the Mountain is the only zombie-like creature left and was already a premiere killer before that. Watching the Hound fall at the hand of his undead brother would be a hit of cruelty the show’s been weirdly missing lately. (Full disclosure: we’re rooting for the Hound.)

We’re including the Spider here because there’s nothing left to do with his character, and it seems like even he knows it. Perhaps his information network will prove useful in King’s Landing, but he’s a second-tier advisor and can’t wield a sword. It’s a shame to see such a layered character relegated to bench-warming, but that’s just where we’re at in the Game of Thrones universe.

Cersei Lannister
This is a half court shot we think will brick. There’s almost no chance the showrunners remove the show’s two biggest villains in back-to-back episodes. But we know—or at least, guess—that she’s not long for the cause, so it’s worth putting her name down.

Wildcard Death We’d Hate to See (But Might Have to Brace Ourselves For)

Tyrion Lannister
Tyrion’s recent decision-making has been subpar, but the show’s been hinting he’ll soon earn his redemption. Still, it was weird to see his eagerness to join the battle. Does that point to future recklessness that gets him in trouble? Of all the core characters remaining (Jon, Dany, Cersei, Jamie), Tyrion seems the least essential and most likely to do something dumb enough to get himself killed.