Who’s Gonna Die in ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode 3?

The preamble is over. The final season of Game of Thrones is gearing up and going into full battle mode this week at Winterfell, as episode three will feature the longest battle sequence in film or television history. And with it, deaths are coming for our most beloved characters.

We’ve already predicted survival percentages for all the main characters, but with death on the doorstep, it’ll be worth revisiting every week. Most (if not all) of these characters will die at some point within the next four episodes. But here’s who we’re certain is on the chopping block this week.

Absolute Goners

Theon Greyjoy
Theon’s return to Winterfell and reunion with Sansa were surprisingly emotional after all the two have been through. But after rescuing his sister, this feels like it’s as far as the former heir of the Iron Islands can go. He made up for his sins as best he could. Pledging to defend Bran from the Night King is heroic, but it signals the end for a character that probably could’ve been dropped a couple seasons ago.

Grey Worm
Grey Worm is going to be in the thick of fighting the White Walkers. It’d be nice to forget that, especially with his romantic dream of whisking Missandei away to a warmer, less racist place. But highlighting that interaction and breathing hope into the future might as well have been a death knell for Grey Worm.

Ser Brienne of Tarth
Man, this one is gonna hurt. Brienne’s knighting at the hand of Jaime Lannister was the most emotional moment of episode two—it was her life’s dream made reality by the man she not-so-secretly loves. Seems like her character arc is complete, right? She’ll probably pull some heroic moments on the the battlefield because she’s a badass, but as of last week, it feels like her book is written.

Might Be Toast

Jorah Mormont
Episode two provided an interesting spotlight for Jorah, who was gifted Samwell Tarly’s family sword Heartsbane. It’s a full circle moment for the once-disgraced Mormont, who’s father gave his own Valyrian steel sword to Jon Snow following Jorah’s exile. And full-circle moments usually signal violent deaths, at least this late in the story.

Tormund Giantsbane
We’ve reached peak Tormund. The wildling leader has been comic relief for awhile now, but his bizarre giant-suckling story and “fuck tradition” line won Twitter. And he packed an entire season’s worth of pursuing Brienne into less than half an episode. Altogether, it felt like it might’ve been our last heaping dose of Tormund. Here’s hoping he dies as gloriously as he lived.

Wildcard Death We’d Hate to See (But Might Have to Brace Ourselves For)

Arya Stark
Losing her virginity wasn’t necessarily part of Arya’s character arc, but it could signal her doom. Thrones has been unreasonably cruel with fornicating Starks in the past. Showing us a sex scene featuring a character we’ve known since she was 10 was a bold choice. Killing her right afterward would be even bolder.