Where Will Bari Weiss Wind Up Next?

Bari Weiss resigned from her position as a New York Times opinion editor in a huff Tuesday. Her resignation letter accused the Times of capitulating to Twitter mobs, creating an unsafe work environment, and muting the voices and challenging opinions of “centrists” like herself.

Weiss’ exit from the Times seemed inevitable. Every column she published was ritually clowned for its poor writing and worse opinions, and Weiss herself has played up her conservative alt media bonafides for years by kowtowing to the self-titled IDW.

The yarn Weiss spins about her persecution isn’t entirely accurate, of course. Her “silencing” (read: roasting) at the hands of Twitter leftists wasn’t because her opinions weren’t ideologically pure enough—it’s because they were bad. Her “challenging ideas” were bunk and her writing was worse. As Tom Scocca wrote for Hmm Daily, Weiss “is the inheritor of a long tradition of writers who deliberately annoy people for attention, but she has lost any sense of the old obligation to play the heel with agility and flair.”

Still, Weiss’ high profile and self-proclaimed free speech martyr status mean she’ll find a job somewhere. The question is which outlet will shell out for her mediocrity—or if she can make more starting one of her own. Here are the unofficial odds for where Weiss will end up next.

The Atlantic: +800

The famed magazine has become a safe harbor for neoliberals, conservatives, and former Bush staffers to spout bad takes and receive cringing liberal praise. There’s some quality journalism there, too, but we know that’s not why Weiss would go there.

National Review: +600

Another conservative magazine that’s lost its luster. Its primary intended audience of Iraq War criminals and learned conservatives is dwindling and likely never coming back, given the Republican Party’s full descent into batshit conspiracy Trumpism. Weiss could bring back some of the rag’s good ol’ pseudo-intellectual bluster, but she’s more likely to look for an outlet befitting her outsized profile.

The Federalist: +300

The Federalist, founded by staunch Zionist Ben Domenech, would be a solid fit for Weiss. He’s already spoken out against the illiberal conditions created by the Times on her behalf and given its dwindling relevance, Domenech would likely love to bring Weiss aboard.

New outlet with Andrew Sullivan/Ben Shapiro: +250

Sullivan announced his imminent departure from New York Magazine Tuesday and Shapiro is stepping down from his position as Editor in Chief at The Daily Wire. The curious timing has led some to believe the trio will pull a 2010 Miami Heat and create their own Big Three of uproariously bad, racist, and anti-Muslim content. Seems like a longshot, but if the shoe fits.

Independent podcast/Patreon/Substack: +120

This is the easiest, most likely, and possibly most fruitful route for Weiss to take. She would be her own editor, and no one who doesn’t subscribe (or hate-read/listen) would ever really pierce her bubble. She’s talked and written adoringly about her friend Joe Rogan bucking media trends; perhaps Weiss is the next one to do it. Just like everything she’s written or said, the move will be totally unoriginal.