When You're Tucker Carlson and Elmo Blows Your Mind

Tucker Carlson is having a tough time. The Fox News host has long been the mouthpiece for mainstream white supremacy, dog whistling his mostly-boomer audience about the terrors of nonwhite people. And as America has been openly discussing and confronting racism in the wake of the George Floyd protests, Carlson is becoming more and more unhinged.

So who’s he taking his anger out on? Elmo, of course.

Carlson ripped apart Elmo’s (and Elmo’s dad’s) appearance on a CNN-Sesame Street townhall program designed to educate parents and children about racism in America. The segment featured Elmo asking his dad very basic questions about protests, what racism is, how it creates problems in society, and Elmo’s dad explaining that people in the Black community are being treated unfairly. That was yet another bridge too far for Carlson. He has now been spending the last week outing celebrities voicing Black Lives Matter support and saying that Black people are “coming for you.” He’s basically laying down the groundwork for a race war and generally just sputtering on live television.

But Elmo is the perfect addition to Carlson’s anti-left rants. It’s a chance to bash not only a beloved children’s character and program, but also CNN for attempting to “indoctrinate” children against white people. This is exactly the kind of heated rhetoric Carlson’s intended audience feasts on, because the implication is that children are being brainwashed. In reality, however, it’s parents who need to understand racism and learn how to discuss it with their children.

Semantics like that don’t matter to Carlson, who’s been butchering stories and peddling his white nationalist worldview for years. His latest comments about “left-wing rage mobs” has reignited a call for advertisers to pull commercials from his show. Those kinds of efforts have worked before, and given how deranged Carlson’s been, they could work again.

Seriously, Carlson, when even Elmo draws your fiery racist rage, it’s a sign you’re losing it.