When Did Netflix’s Music Get So Good?

Netflix excels at offering endless entertainment and infinite reasons to never leave the house. But if you’ve got to be on the go, you don’t need to leave everything from your current binge behind. You can take a piece of that show with you via their soundtracks.

Below are 10 current Netflix shows sure to send you to google in search of the music they play after every episode. Well, they would have you searching if we didn’t do the Googling for you. You’re welcome, by the way. We’re happy to help. Just make sure to follow the Spotify playlist of the songs at the bottom.


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The spooky take on the Archie’s comic-based series Sabrina The Teenage Witch is binge-worthy and backed by killer tunes by the likes of Devo, Blondie and The Ronettes.

Devo, “Girl U Want”


Derry Girls

This show is brutal and hilarious and the music they use in it is a ‘90s girl’s dream playlist with bands like The Cranberries and Kylie Minogue.

The Cranberries, “Dreams”



I couldn’t finish this series because it’s so stressful and I’m a baby. But it’s so good and the oldies-but-goodies music from bands like The Fleetwoods and Patience & Prudence is one of many aspects that I’m sure will make me come back.

Patience & Prudence, “Tonight, You Belong To Me”


Big Mouth

This hilarious and NSFW show about puberty warrants multiple binges and has a great soundtrack, including Annie Lennox’s amazing version of “I Put A Spell On You.”

Annie Lennox, “I Put A Spell On You”


Sex Education

This coming of age story about teens taking sex education into their own hands is great and includes killer musicians in their soundtracks like Ezra Furman and King Khan.

Ezra Furman, “Love You So Bad”


Stranger Things

Everybody and their mom binged this series and were thrilled over the retro soundtrack with songs like Joy Division’s “Atmosphere” and Devo’s “Whip It.” We’re expecting some great tunes in the third season dropping this July—I mean, come on, they use a Who song in the trailer.

The Who, “Baba O’Riley,” Season 3 Trailer ‘Stranger Things’


Russian Doll

This series where Natasha Lyonne’s character keeps dying and reliving her birthday party with Harry Nilson’s “Gotta Get Up” playing over and over again has lots of killer tracks—old and new—to back it like The B-52’s “Dance This Mess Around” and Cults “You Know What I Mean.”

Cults, “You Know What I Mean”



A show about people losing their minds and living in alternate realities, plus there are great songs like ones by NYC’s very own DIIV? Sign me up.

DIIV, “Out of Mind”


F is For Family

This 1970s-set animated adult comedy features some of the best tracks from that decade like Redbones’ “Come and Get Your Love,” The Jackson 5’s “Daddy’s Home” and Suzi Quatro’s “I Wanna Be Free”—it was a great time for music.

Suzi Quatro, “I Wanna Be Free”


Black Mirror

And let’s not forget about the five minutes in the future sci-fi anthology series that blows everyone’s minds. Black Mirror’s soundtrack even includes indie artist like Kidsmoke.

Kidsmoke, “Take Me To The River” (Featured in season 4 – “Arkangel”)