What Were Murkowski and Feinstein Plotting?

Are Lisa Murkowski and Dianne Feinstein considering sedition?

Yesterday, a CBS news producer in the Washington D.C. Capitol Building snapped a photo of Democratic Senator Feinstein huddled up in a hallway with Republican Senator Murkowski. They look like they’re either about to kiss, fight or overthrow some branch of the government.

Another tweeter posted a pic from a different, less aggressive angle.

A reporter for The Hill claims they heard Feinstein say “this is just between us” before whispering.

Many Democrats and independents hope Murkowski and her fellow Republican Senate swing voter Susan Collins will stop Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. Could that be what Feinstein wants to discuss with Murkowski?

Murkowski voted for the appointment of SCOTUS Justice Alito, a conservative and opponent of Roe v Wade. But she has also been vocal in her support of Roe v Wade and broken with Republicans to cast several pro-choice votes in support of Planned Parenthood. Perhaps Feinstein sees an opportunity in Murkowski to stop Kavanaugh’s appointment. Maybe she’s sending Murkowski to go talk to Collins to make sure they both do the right thing.

Of course, given that this is America in 2018, they were probably discussing plans to set up Chuck Grassley on a blind date with pornography bae Michael Avenatti.