We’re Never Getting Rid of Tim Allen, Are We?

Tim Allen sucks and he’s never going away.

While promoting Toy Story 4, Xilla Valentine asked Allen and co-star Tom Hanks to prove their “black cards” by asking a question about playing spades. Hanks answers the question earnestly. Allen, meanwhile, has no idea what either man is talking about and doesn’t pretend to hide it. This morning, the video went viral.

The clip doesn’t prove much other than that Allen is lame and can’t roll with a joke that uses his whiteness as a punchline. And it resurfaced Allen’s controversial 2013 interview where he griped about not being able to use the n-word. The spades clip quickly became irrelevant to the discussion of Allen’s racism or why he’s been able to repeatedly get high-profile jobs in Hollywood.

Over the past few years, Allen has become one of the more repellent conservative actors in show business. His 2013 n-word interview is the lowlight, but it’s far from his only controversy. He cried blacklist when ABC cancelled his sitcom Last Man Standing, but Fox picked it up almost immediately. And like most right-wing Hollywood has-beens, he constantly says dumb shit on Twitter.

But Allen’s controversies haven’t hurt him. In fact, his self-proclaimed blacklisting turned him into a conservative comedic hero. And as long as Disney continues nostalgia-baiting millennials, Allen will play Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story sequels until the end of time.

Tim Allen isn’t going anywhere. He’s the racist uncle that keeps showing up to holiday dinners long after you stopped laughing at his terrible jokes or inviting him. Frankly, we should’ve learned this lesson a long time ago. If a mustachioed drug trafficking mugshot couldn’t take him down, nothing will.