Weeknd Super Bowl Memes Are All About Cocaine, Mirrors, & Microwaves

The Weeknd’s Super Bowl halftime show was one of the most anticipated pop culture events of the young year, and he didn’t disappoint. It was a whirring display of red glitter, blaring vocals, and a cavalcade of bandaged dancers storming the field. The Weeknd played some of his biggest hits, a bunch of which mention using drugs.

Naturally, the internet made the connection. Running around in a golden hall of mirrors just hits different when you’re singing about doing coke. It also paves the way for plenty of other jokes, too—turns out a trippy halftime show during a dystopian pandemic Super Bowl is perfect fodder for social media jokes. Who would’ve thought?

The Super Bowl halftime show was great on its own merit. But it wouldn’t be a collective viewing experience without Twitter and Instagram memes. Heck, even Dan Rather got in on the action. Here are some of our favorites from last night.