Week in Review

This week, BTRtoday dove into conspiracy theories, internet memes, thrash metal and alarming television hosts. One of our top stories for the week was “Loud Jams With The Burning Peppermints”: “When he was young, Jake Wittig figured that growing up in Birmingham, Alabama meant he was destined to be a country musician. But once puberty hit, angst took the reins.”

Check out our other story picks for the week. And keep an eye out on Grimes.

NRATV’s Murderer’s Row of On-Air Talent

Dana Loesch, Grant Stinchfield, Colion Noir, Dean Bongino — “The NRA wants to spread gun propaganda nationwide. And its television network employs a bunch of creeps who are troubling good at it.”

’Dad’s Google History’ And Why Trolls Hate It

“With a female comedian, any dude is automatically an authority on her craft. We don’t need a professional comic’s opinion on if she’s good or not, because Phil on Facebook has determined she is bad.”

Is The Avril Lavigne Conspiracy Happening To Grimes?

“If there’s a track about Hello Kitty on it, we know something has to be up.”