Washed Conservative Actors Are Bad at Twitter

Roseanne Barr just provided the perfect example of conservative whiplash. She sent a racist tweet, got her show cancelled and went from apologizing to blaming her bigotry on Ambien. (It’s still unclear whether her other racist tweets and conspiracy-mongering were also caused by sleeping pills.)

Barr isn’t the first actor to lose work over vile tweets and conservative views. Here’s a brief list of some other conservative stars who have faced similar treatment.

Kevin Sorbo

Better known as TV’s Hercules, Sorbo is a devout Christian conservative who’s partnered with the likes of Sean Hannity on documentary movie projects. Back in February, he dropped this racist gem about DREAMers:

Sorbo hasn’t played a significant role in a movie or show you care about in some time. In fairness, maybe it’s not his conservative racism that’s kept him out of the spotlight—it might just be that he was never as cool as Xena.

Tim Allen

Tim Allen is far from blacklisted, but he claimed ABC cancelled his successful show Last Man Standing due to his conservative ideals. Unsurprisingly, Fox picked it up and the show is set to return this fall. The plot is similar to Roseanne in that a washed-up ‘90s sitcom star gets to live out his golden years as a watered-down Republican on network television. He also tweets at a fifth grade level.

That tweet is clearly a joke that isn’t racist, but it’s also super dumb.

Stephen Baldwin

The second-tier Baldwin brother has always been a D-lister. His filmography consists of The Usual Suspects and a series of bit parts and cameos. He’s equally insignificant on Twitter, where he commonly retweets the White House and other MAGA dreck.

Again, there’s a good chance his own bad acting has kept him out significant roles. And if he didn’t complain about his brother’s Trump impression he might’ve faded away into Christian movie obscurity.

James Woods

Unlike the other folks on this list, James Woods is actually good at acting. He’s also an Islamophobic dickbag who stirs up hatred in his Twitter mentions. Woods talks openly about his blacklisting at the hands of liberal Hollywood elites, and says he’s retired from acting because of it (and, surely, his lucrative Family Guy royalties).