Was Dolly Parton the Theme for This Year's Grammys?

The 2020 Grammy vibe was weird all around.

Artists walked the red carpet while allegations of sexual misconduct and rigged voting against the Recording Academy floated in the air. Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter and seven other people died in a helicopter crash hours before the awards ceremony started at Los Angeles’ Staples Center, where Kobe played as a Laker. Along with a weirdly timed Prince tribute performance, it felt like this year’s Grammys had a dark cloud over it.

But that dark cloud couldn’t keep one thing from shining bright: the fashion. As in years past, Grammy attendees’ fashion saved the show. This year had an interesting theme—Western wear. And as the Western wear was revealed, we couldn’t help but think that it was inspired by a single larger than life legend. It didn’t just seem like Western wear. It seemed like Dolly Parton-inspired Western wear.

The red carpet was filled with cowboy hats, fringe and glitter. The colors were bright and bold and the fabrics were down-home but adventurous.  And it was perfect.  After all, who can cheer you up more than Dolly Parton?

Below are the celebrities that matched Dolly Parton so well, we can already see them performing alongside of her. Can we have a Lil Nas X, Orville Peck and Dolly Parton collab, please?

Lil Nas X 

Dolly practically invented the pink, gold and embellishments look.



Orville Peck 

Add a fringe mask to Dolly’s look and they’re twins.

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Billy Porter

Glittery blue? Please. Classic Dolly.

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Tanya Tucker

Going for an old-school “Dolly casually at home” look.

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Big Freedia

Dolly actually wore an all-leather get up to visit the Grammy museum last year, so this is very fitting.



Red leather and fringe screams, “Dolly.” But I think Dolly’s dress from last year’s Grammys looks the most similar to Rosalía’s dress in fit and color.

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