Voting, Vinyl and Vintage Memes This Week on BTRtoday

It’s difficult to identify the point where an obscure fad becomes a mainstream craze or the point where no one wants it anymore. Trends can be cool, profitable and healthy. Ask any Brooklyn record store owner or someone diagnosed with a gluten allergy. But there’s also a point where pop culture and lifestyle trends become annoying. No one wants to see white girls appropriating native dress at a corporate music festival. This week and every week on BTRtoday, we help make those points plain.

The Cure Memes to Cure Your Soul

Boys don’t cry. Unless it’s from laughter caused by these Cure memes.

Coachella Sucks And You Shouldn’t Go

Care about equality? Then you have to give the festival a hard pass.

Is Sleep Deprivation Actually Voter Suppression?

A new study suggests the negative effects from lack of sleep reach as far as the ballot box.

The Beginners Guide to Life After Gluten

Tummy troubles run in my family. Getting tested for Celiac Disease kept me from constant sprints to the bathroom.

Brooklyn Record Exchange Grand Opening

The Brooklyn Record Exchange opened in Bushwick this weekend!