Video Premiere: “Front of the Train” by BIG SPIRIT

When you live in New York City, you learn that the subway cars in the front of the train seem to move faster and rattle harder. When you’re riding in them, after a while, everything in the city, good and bad, from heartbreak to triumph, feels like the way the front car trains move.

That feeling is captured perfectly in BIG SPIRIT’s “Front of the Train.” Over ecstatic and urgent Ramones-style power chords, Sed Pepper sings about using the subway to escape a party he doesn’t feel like going to. He wonders if another part of New York might offer what he needs from the night but knows that being on the front of the train can be a rush in itself.

The video, directed by Joy Collective Films, is a jittery journey underneath New York City. Seeing the city through subway windows, everything seems crumbling and majestic. We have no idea how they filmed so many shots of Pepper alone on a subway system used by well over five million people per day but we’re glad they were able to frame his kinetic anergy against an empty car.

Pepper, guitarist Simon Langford and drummer Amy Franz formed BIG SPIRIT in 2016. Childhood friends Pepper and Franz met on a school bus in their native Western Australia and began playing music together when they moved to New York in 2012. Steeped in New York influences like The Velvet Underground, Ramones and Blondie and the music of Pepper and Franz’s fellow Australians like The Go-Betweens and INXS, Big Spirit, makes exuberant pop songs with something to say.