Vice Presidential Debate Drinking Game

We’re still not exactly sure how, but we made it through the first presidential debate. Through a slog of interruptions, yelling, and two old men dissociating at once, it’s a wonder we were able to survive. Just a week later, the president and a fair bit of the federal government has been infected with COVID-19—just in time for the vice presidential debate.

Mike Pence and Kamala Harris couldn’t be more different from one another. Maybe the only similarity between them is that they’re both good-not-great debaters. Pence pretty easily dispatched Tim Kaine back in 2016, and while Harris had some cringeworthy moments during the Democratic primaries, she was mostly fine before dropping out. The good news is neither of them are Donald Trump, so this likely won’t be the abject shitshow we sat through last week. Still, any presidential level debate is dumb political theater worthy of ridicule and heavy drinking, so we’ve come prepared regardless.

(Note: BTRtoday does not take responsibility for your inebriated decisions or political affiliations.)

Take a Drink If …

Any of the following words/phrases are used (by either candidate): Ruth Bader Ginsburg; elections have consequences; law and order; Antifa; Black Lives Matter; Proud Boys; white supremacists; right to choose; women’s rights; racism/systemic racism; Donald Trump’s America/Joe Biden’s America; defund police; law enforcement; free and fair election; voter fraud; plexiglass

Pence defends Catholicism. The right has made a big deal of the left attacking SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett for her religion (even though pretty much no one has actually been doing that). Pence, who has in the past described himself as a “devout evangelical,” will surely glom onto this.

Harris calls the president’s COVID-19 behavior irresponsible, reckless, or something similar. This isn’t only warranted, but echoes a line Biden’s been repeating over the last several days.

Pence talks about how strong Trump is. The Trump campaign’s new playbook is that Trump is immune to COVID-19 and a warrior for standing up to the virus personally. Expect Pence to repeat this dreck, if only for Trump’s viewing pleasure.

Harris lambasts Pence’s role as head of the COVID-19 task force. Yeah, you forgot that existed, right? Pence hasn’t done much, which is why Harris will probably mention it (and you’ll drink).

Harris offers well-wishes to Trump and the First Lady. Political civility, baby! Drink up!

Pence is asked to condemn white supremacy. One of the biggest takeaways from the last debate was that Trump didn’t denounce white supremacists or right wing extremist groups; Pence likely won’t make the same mistake, but finish your drink if he does.

Harris calls out Pence/Trump/GOP for delegitimizing mail-in voting. This has been a coordinated effort going on for months directly in front of our eyes. Biden didn’t really mention it, but Harris could (and should).

Pence mentions Harris’ attack on Biden during the Democratic debates. This has received some attention before, and it wouldn’t be a shock to hear Pence bring it up as an example of Harris’ and Biden’s incongruence.

Harris says she’s not a radical leftist/doesn’t support the Green New Deal. Biden walked right into this trap last week and made it a lot easier to Harris to do the exact same this week.

Finish Your Drink If …

Pence mispronounces Harris’ name. We threw this into last week’s game but it didn’t land. Pence is even less likely to do this than Trump was, but for posterity’s sake it’s staying in.

Pence mocks Harris for fearing COVID-19. Not likely, since Pence is usually pretty buttoned up at these things. Still, a spokesperson repeated the line earlier today, so it can’t be pulled completely off the table.

Either candidate knocks on the protective plexiglass barrier. As of this writing, we don’t even know if it’ll be in arm’s reach. But it sure feels right for a dumbass stunt, doesn’t it? Lookin’ at you, Mikey.

Chug The Entire Bottle If …

Pence accidentally calls Harris “mother.” There’s way, way too much to unpack here. Just toss away the cap or cork and let ‘er rip.


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