UNO’s Twitter Doesn’t Know Its Own Rules

We’ve either been playing UNO wrong for decades or its social media account is gaslighting UNO fans for reasons we don’t understand.

On May 20, UNO’s official Twitter account decreed that endless drawing was against the game’s rules.

The tweet eventually went viral over Memorial Day weekend, enraging UNO players across the Twittersphere. Most people agree that you draw until you can play a card of the selected color. Naturally, Twitter users panned the announcement for betraying the game’s humiliation aspect. The Ringer’s Shea Serrano referred to it as “gentrification rules,” saying the change takes the fun out of clowning your friends while they draw card after card from the deck.

It’s not surprising UNO’s social media team is out of touch with how people actually play UNO. The game is a commodity for them, something to be promoted and explained. Perhaps the tweet is meant to stir controversy and get people talking (and writing articles) about UNO. Or maybe it’s an attempt to corral lawless players everywhere. Regardless, Twitter’s response is almost always negative when brands take themselves too seriously. When it comes to playing the actual game, people will do what they want. And when it comes to UNO, what the people want is the anarchy they’ve always known and loved.

This isn’t the first time UNO’s Twitter upset the game’s fans either. On May 5, the account tweeted a graphic explaining that stacking Draw 2 and Draw 4 cards is against the rules. Then as now, people criticized the account for not understanding the fun parts of its own game. UNO is as much about screwing people over as it is about winning. Half the fun comes from embarrassing your friends and relatives. UNO’s a low stakes game that lets you be a total dick without any consequences. And since the luck of the draw determines almost everything, there’s a great chance they’ll get you back next round.

Endless drawing and card stacking make UNO’s whimsical anarchy possible. Don’t have the right color card? Get ready to draw yourself right out of contention. Someone screwed you over with a Draw 4? Slap your own on there and make the next sucker take eight. Frankly, house rules shouldn’t stop there. You should be able to stack the same number and kind of card regardless of color. Anything to give yourself an advantage. In a world where branded Twitter accounts try to police how we use them, destroying your friends at UNO should be as easy as possible.