Ugly Food, Spooky Tunes And More This Week on BTRtoday

We’ve been rocking out this month so hard that we created a new name for it that’s never once been used by anyone else on the planet: rocktober.

It’s OK. Take a minute. Let the concept of “rocktober,” a month that rocks so hard it has the very word rock in its name, sink in.

So what kind of fiendish thrills inspired us to create such a word? A whole lot, like curating the indie world’s best  spooky tunes to bump on Halloween, putting fast food photos under the microscope and finding seasonal food options that are actually healthy to offset how hard you go into Halloween candy and Octoberfest. Or as we call it around here, “rocktober fest.” (Damn, that name is lit. So cool it’s our idea.)

The Indie Music Massacre: A Halloween Mix

None of that “Monster Mash” b.s.—your friends might die of pure fright after hearing how cool this playlist is.

Potbelly’s Sandwich Pics Aren’t Pretty, But They’re Honest

The sandwich chain’s menu pictures are exceedingly mediocre. And that makes them great.

Make This Fall The Fittest Season of Your Life

These fall vegetables and fruits aren’t just tasty. They also have the nutrition you need to take your fitness to the next level.

Five Chinese Dumplings to Know and Love

Dumplings are more than just dough filled with stuff—read this list and get ready for your mouth to water.

New York Coffee Festival 2018

We got over-caffeinated at the NY Coffee Festival 2018.