Turn Your Apple Watch Into Your New Favorite Sex Toy

Ever looked at an Apple Watch and thought it would be perfect for getting somebody off?

Congratulations. OhMiBod is making your longed-for sex and tech integration dream into reality.

Per a company announcement, the OhMiBod remote app is now available for the Apple Watch. The New Hampshire-based sex toy company has been on the forefront of sex toy tech since 2006 creating sex toys sporting wireless remote control and Bluetooth connectivity. They released the first version of the remote app in 2014, connecting lovers who want to share intimacy while physically apart.

Dunham dreamed up the company’s first product, a vibrator that connected to an iPod, in 2004. That Christmas, her husband gifted her with two stocking stuffers—an iPod and a vibrator. Dunham, a former Apple employee, wondered what the devices would be like paired together and thus OhMiBod was born.

As with the company’s previous apps, the OhMiBod’s Apple watch app lets users control sex toys from anywhere in the world. If you’re on a business trip in Tokyo, Skype with your partner in New York and watch the fireworks fly. But the Apple Watch includes a new twist on the tried and true randy remote control. The watch app takes advantage of the Apple Watch’s heart monitor by using biofeedback to control OhMiBod’s Bluetooth-enabled personal massagers and through its pulse function which creates what they call a “heart connection.” With pulse, as a person’s pulse quickens, so too will the vibrations that their partner experiences through any OhMiBod massager equipped with Bluetooth connectivity.

“Smart watches like the new Apple Watch series have evolved into legitimate wellness devices with fantastic biofeedback performance,” OhMiBod founder Suki Dunham said in a press release.

The app also includes rhythm and tap functions, as well as the club vibe mode which uses ambient sounds to drive the vibrations to OhMiBod’s connected sex toys.