Trump’s Numbers Keep Tanking

Donald Trump’s had a pretty rough month. It’s hard to sympathize with the guy, especially since he’s overseen the world’s most disastrous COVID-19 response and more than 120,000 American deaths. Even Trump’s favorite approval poll is beginning to bear the fruits of his obscenely bad labor.

The Rasmussen Poll is one of the go-to polls Trump uses to cite how “good” of a job he’s doing. Trump supporters tend to lean on the poll too, since it was the most accurate in projecting his victory in 2016. Rasmussen normally clocks his approval rating as higher than most polls—but its recent 42 percent matches the lowest number since late 2017. Prior to the last two months, Trump’s (relatively) solid Rasmussen numbers were considered a given.

Indeed, most polling shows Trump in major holes. His approval ratings are down and he trails former Vice President Joe Biden by anywhere from 5-15 points. His scattered, semi-regular appearances aren’t helping, nor is his renewed proclivity for sharing racist and/or conspiratorial content.

It bears repeating that Trump is historically bad right now. He has a hand in all of America’s current generational crises. From the COVID-19 disaster to the subsequent economic meltdown and calamitous, openly racist response to protests against police brutality and racial injustice—there’s simply nowhere for him to hide and the poll numbers are showing it.

What kind of effect will this historical ineptitude have in November? It’s nearly impossible to say four months before election day. However, with the COVID-19 response and economic recovery seemingly sliding backward and no end in sight to nationwide protests, Trump’s far from out of hot water. Four months is a lot of time for things to get better—but when you’re as bad as Trump is right now, it’s also plenty of time to make things a whole lot worse.