Trump's 'Game of Thrones' Meme Was Cringeworthy. Other Political 'GOT' Memes Were Just as Bad

Crappy Game of Thrones memes spread like wildfire after the show’s Season 8 premiere. Now Donald Trump is in on the action, ruining the fun for everybody else.

Trump posted the meme in reaction to Attorney General Barr’s press conference that basically concluded the president’s obstruction of justice was legal because he was upset. It a political hatchet job worthy of a garbled pop culture meme going at the “haters.” And it’s not the first time Trump’s made himself look silly with a Thrones meme. But as bad as it was, Trump’s meme pales in comparison to this reply:

Night King Trump will haunt your dreams for weeks. And so will Sam Tarly Trump, lamenting his newfound allegiance to the Mother of Dragons after her babies barbecued his dad and brother.

Most Game of Thrones memes are cringeworthy anyway. But politics make them somehow more unbearable, even if you agree with the premise of the joke.

But to be fair, the politics-adjacent meme below is actually really good. #Medicareforthewall.