Trump Makes Time Magazine Great Again

After months of loudly decrying fake news, Donald Trump was caught making some.

Twitter’s been buzzing with news of the fraudulent Time Magazine cover that’s been showcased in a number of Trump’s country clubs and golf courses for months. Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold has the updated tally:

This is just remarkable work by the Trump team here. But should we be surprised that a man who capitalizes his name in gold every chance he gets and reached a $25 million settlement over a fake university (among so many other juicy immoralities) also had his image falsely printed in Time? Hell no.

Twitter predictably turned it into a farce, giving us some feathery alternatives and reminding us of the greatest fake cover ever.

The cover was exposed during what might be the Trump administration’s largest media assault to date. Using CNN’s recent reporting gaffe, for which three journalists were let go, the Trump administration has gone full bore against the mainstream news media, from Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ tiff in the White House Press Room to fundraising emails citing the FAKE NEWS NETWORK. For the administration, the cover fits perfectly into their narrative that the press can’t even let little things like a fake magazine cover that anyone can make slide.

It’s just another item on a long list of things that would have completely halted the news cycle during any other presidency. It’s nice we can sit back and enjoy the jokes about it. But dumb as that shitty Photoshop job looks, it still feels like Trump will get the last laugh.