Trump Leaves Supporters Out in The Cold. Literally.

Donald Trump has repeatedly left Americans out in the cold—just never quite this literally.

Hundreds of Trump supporters were stranded in the cold for hours following the president’s campaign rally at Eppley Airfield in Omaha, Neb. on Tuesday night, waiting for buses to take them back to faraway parking lots. The campaign claims it provided enough buses, but couldn’t get them to people because of traffic restrictions. According to the Washington Post, at least seven people were hospitalized.

And with that, Trump has officially won 2020’s Metaphor of the Year. It bears repeating—scores of people waiting helpless in frigid temperatures after watching their president, who had already flown away in his private jet hours before. He gathered them to the airfield, made them abandon their cars, and left them there with no way out. This one is so on the nose it actually kind of hurts.

Photos of the crowd are almost unbelievable. Omaha Police drove around doing their best to provide assistance to the most vulnerable, particularly the many elderly people in the crowd. Since this was a Trump campaign rally, masks were optional and social distancing wasn’t a choice, especially for those stranded.

Trump’s proven time and again he doesn’t care about Americans, even those that fervently support him. His focus is and always has been on himself; once Trump had flown out of Omaha, it didn’t matter what happened to the thousands of saps that drove untold miles to hear him speak. It’s been the same shtick on loop for four years. But as he stares down the barrel of a potentially monstrous defeat, it’s become harder for Trump to hide his transparent disdain for his voters. His supporters only serve two purposes—to win him power and to fluff his ego whenever he so pleases. Whatever happens after that is their problem, not his.

Trump likely didn’t lose a single vote among those stranded on Tuesday night, and he knows it. His supporters hang on his every word, blissfully unaware of how little he cares about them or how badly he fucks them over, flocking to him like moths to a flame. But those in Omaha looked more like hapless sheep standing around waiting for the slaughter.