Trump Keeps Tweeting Through It

Twitter is one of the only things Trump has a knack for. Sure he regularly contradicts himself, says dumb things, and misspells words—every dedicated poster does. But even the best posters can recognize when they’ve gone too far and need to step away from the screen to take a little break, lest they be enveloped by their own hot takes or irreverent bullshit.

Trump can’t.

The president kicked off his Sunday tweetstorm with his first actual acknowledgement of Biden’s victory. The rest of the tweet was more cockamamie election conspiracy nonsense, saying the election was rigged against him while quote tweeting a Jesse Watters segment about how Biden’s victory just doesn’t “feel right.” Naturally, though, most people focused on the first two words of Trump’s tweet—”he won.”

That certainly didn’t make Trump happy. Within minutes, he tweeted “I CONCEDE NOTHING!” and followed that up with several more election conspiracy tweets throughout the day. It wasn’t some great departure from the president’s recent online behavior, but the culmination just before midnight was the height of internet comedy and patheticism all rolled into one.

Trump’s words here aren’t just the idle musings of a delusion old bat. His consistent denial of reality—he tweeted the same words on Monday morning—embolden sympathetic media to continue peddling his narrative and his most fervent supporters to take to the streets. It’s no surprise to see Trump re-upping his election denials at the end of a weekend that saw thousands of his supporters marching through Washington, D.C. that turned violent in some places. Trump’s motorcade even passed through, his impassioned supporters cheering and chasing after him. Between that and the video of “Human Radical Left garbage” he shared on Saturday (which turned out to be selectively edited by far right activist Andy Ngo), there’s more than enough evidence in Trump’s mind to prove he won the election.

Trump is currently weaker and more pathetic than he’s ever been, and for many it’s cathartic to watch in real time. But his actions and words have serious consequences—consequences Trump couldn’t care less about. It doesn’t matter if his election denials incite violence that hurts or kills people, or if the pandemic worsens because his administration refuses to work with President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team. He simply doesn’t care if people die on his watch. It’s all about getting the message across and sticking it to the left, no matter how bad or foolish it makes him look. And that alone makes him a ballot shitposting hall of famer.