Trump Drinking, Creepy Actors and City Camels This Week on BTRtoday

The president has shut down the government over a fictional crisis. Famous sex-abusing entertainers are desperately trying to make comebacks in the weirdest possible ways. Pizza’s being cut into strips instead of slices. Before you know it, camels, sheep and ponies will march through the streets of Brooklyn. Wait, that already happened and we’ve got photo evidence, along with the best of this week on BTRtoday.

Giggly Boys, Consumables and Bees, Oh My!

The punk rock mayhem got people thinking they weren’t in Kansas anymore.

Trump Addresses The Nation: A Drinking Game

You’re gonna need liquor to get through this.

Which Kevin Spacey Movies Are OK Now?

With the actor accused of sexual assault, it’s uncomfortable revisiting much of his body of work.

Is This America’s Weirdest Pizza?

The little-known Midwest region of Quad Cities produces a very particular type of pie.

Three Kings Day 2019 In Williamsburg

On Sunday, January 6, the Three Kings Parade took place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Cross-Training Advice From 3 Top Coaches

Runners can up their game and avoid the impact by skating, cycling and skiing.