Trump Campaign Emails are Annoying AF

Donald Trump is more aggressive and brazen as any politician’s ever been. So it makes sense that his campaign emails are, too.

I subscribed to Trump campaign emails a couple years ago, figuring it might be informative to see what the president was sending his supporters. Naturally, earlier this year the frequency of the emails increased. I started receiving Trump emails every few days, then every other day or so, then every single day, multiple times a day. Last week, I received an average of five Trump emails per day; yesterday, Sept. 14, I received seven.

The sheer number of Trump emails will overwhelm your inbox, but their messaging is just as wild. Most come from a specific “sender”—Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, or Trump himself. Some just ask for contributions, while others are more actionable, with subject lines like “This is urgent,” “Help advise the President,” and aggressive Trump messaging like “This is YOUR country, NOT THEIRS” and “The Left HATES you.” I was called “part of the family,” told President Trump would be “looking for my name,” and told by Trump’s son Eric that they “were all counting on” me. (Unsurprisingly, Don Jr.’s solicitation for a matching contribution was grammatically incorrect.)

Trump’s aggressive email strategy (and desperate push for financial contributions) makes sense. The campaign is apparently hemorrhaging money. According to The New York Times, it’s already spent $800 million of the $1.1 billion the party had raised through July. Since Bill Stepien took over, the Trump campaign has taken several “belt-tightening measures,” including limits on the number of staff that travel to campaign events and a far more restrictive advertising budget. Meanwhile, Joe Biden experienced a fundraising boom in August, bringing in a record $365 million last month. Stepien & co. are undoubtedly feeling the pressure.

Fortunately for the Trump campaign, email is still free.

Trump’s email solicitations will only increase in the coming weeks—in fact, I probably received three or four while writing this. Perhaps the most striking thing about them is how many messages are framed as once-in-a-lifetime offers. In the course of a couple days, I was presented with a golden ticket reserved “for TRUE Americans only” and one of Trump’s top supporters; I was offered a PERSONALIZED yard sign, inducted into the “Trump 1000” club, and given a chance to meet Trump himself.

Even for Trump, it’s a bit too much. And just in case the unrelenting cascade of Trump emails becomes overwhelming, you can always unsubscribe—as long as you can scroll down and read the tiny font.

I managed to find the tiny link and tried unsubscribing months ago, but it didn’t work at all. Somehow the Trump campaign got me on another list and continued shilling their garbage into my inbox. I can’t think of a better metaphor for Trump himself.