Traveling to Phoenix And Rising

On a recent trip to Cibola Vista Resort and Spa, a Bluegreen Vacations property in Peoria, Arizona, I got my first taste of what Arizona could offer to adventurous vacationers.

Adventure and Arizona don’t always go hand-in-hand. The Copper State is associated with relaxation and repose far more often than thrills. But as Arizona’s status as a magnet for retirees slips, its draw as a center of excitement has lots of room to grow.

The greater Phoenix area is no longer just a draw for folks in their twilight years. It’s a place for people looking to check off items from their bucket list. This warm, dry climate makes a fine playground. Saving for retirement and being capable enough to enjoy it is a challenging juggling act but retirement doesn’t have to mean biding time and waiting to die. It’s a delicate balance but it’s possible to prepare for tomorrow fully and live today without regretting the past.

I got a good taste of the desert playground offered by Cibola Vista Resort, getting up to run (small) mountains, enjoy boating and paddle-boarding on Lake Pleasant, the empty gym, not-so-empty swimming pools and hot tubs, dining at some fine restaurants, though it is hard to find establishments that are not a chain in those parts.

For many, the balloon ride was a long-sought after adventure. One of my fellow passengers in the basket said the balloon ride was on his short list, along with things like spending a week at an English haunted estate, and he brought his mother and son along with him to experience the heights.