TPUSA’s “Poplitics” is Conservative Entertainment at its Bleakest

Since Trump’s election, conservatives have whined about celebrities bashing the president and being too liberal. And just when you thought the complaints couldn’t get any louder or the content any worse, enter Poplitics.

Poplitics is a pop culture “news” show that injects conservative aggravation into entertainment stories of the day. Social media personality Alex Clark hosts, offering breathless takes about Trump-bashing liberal celebrities mixed and investigations into whether Justin Beiber’s new album can bridge America’s political divide. Think E! News crossed with Prager U videos curated for IGTV, because Poplitics’ hell cannot be contained by Instagram’s normal 60-second video format.

Poplitics promises its viewers “pop culture without the propaganda” while presenting pure propaganda under a thin veneer of reporting celebrity gossip. The show’s agenda is obvious. They don’t care about whether a subject’s political views are relevant–they’re looking for any excuse to bash celebrity libs.

Sometimes the right wing-baiting content falls right into their lap, like when rapper YG kicked a Trump supporter out of his show for refusing to rap along to “fuck Donald Trump.” Many times, however, the connections are tenuous and require more of a setup to get to the point. The first episode used a segment about Kesha discussing advice from Beyonce to question Beyonce’s ties to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Poplitics is a Fox News fever dream of what a social media celebrity news show should be, and it looks every bit the part. It’s no surprise to learn that the dimwitted conservative campus propaganda mill Turning Point USA is behind it.

But Poplitics fails because it’s trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. The right doesn’t need its own celebrity gossip show. Entertainment news shows like TMZ and Entertainment Tonight aren’t political. It’s ludicrous to think TMZ has a liberal bias. Just look at their “Politix” vertical. Their recent top stories include a breathless expose on Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s divorce and a gushing report on Donald Trump Jr.’s friendship with UFC star Colby Covington.

And if conservatives think TMZ is too spicy, they can get their fill of entertainment news from the safely bland buffet of Fox News.

Either way, Poplitics is filling a nonexistent void. Conservatives think they need Trump-friendly celebrity news that will appeal to kids. But the show only succeeds in fulfilling their subconscious desire to see a young, attractive woman validate their god awful politics.