TORRES Leads BTRtoday's Weekly Top 30

1. TORRES, Silver Tongue (Merge)

TORRES, “Dressing America”

2. Alice Boman, Dream On (PIAS)
3. Sarah Mary Chadwick, Please Daddy (Sinderlyn)
4. Luka Lalonde, The Perpetual Optimist (Paper Bag)
5. Andy Shauf, The Neon Skyline (Anti-)
6. Dan Deacon, Mystic Familiar (Domino)
7. Georgia Maq, Pleaser (Run For Cover)
8. Son Little, aloha (Anti-)
9. Girl Ray, Girl (Moshi Moshi)
10. Tall Tall Trees, A Wave Of Golden Things (Joyful Noise)
11. Of Montreal, UR FUN (Polyvinyl)
12. Elliot Moss, A Change In Diet (Grand Jury)
13. Destroyer, Have We Met (Merge)
14. My Baby, My Baby Live! (PIAS)
15. Glass Beach, The First Glass Beach Album (Run For Cover)
16. Mr. Elevator, Goodbye Blue Sky (Castle Face)
17. Nik Freitas, Cavalo Morto (Park The Van)
18. Laume, Waterbirth (Carpark)
19. Hamerkop, Remote (Drag City)
20. The Nunnery, We Are The Stars (Self-Released)
21. Legal Vertigo, Tragic Future Film Star (Dine Alone)
22. Frances Quinlan, Likewise (Saddle Creek)
23. And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, X The Godless Void And Other Stories (Dine Alone)
24. Bonnie Prince Billy, I Made A Place (Drag City)
25. Shadow Show, Silhouettes (Burger)
26. Georgia, Seeking Thrills (Domino)
27. Varsity, The Basement Takes (Run For Cover)
28. Chance Wiesner, More Sauce For The Lady (Ten Dollar)
29. Squirrel Flower, I Was Born Swimming (Polyvinyl)
30. Red Mass, Hopeless Noise (Label Etiquette)