Top Politics Stories of 2019

It was a rough year for politics. Trump remained President and an icon of fat acceptance despite being unable to assemble a respectable fast food spread, the press seemed to undermine Bernie Sanders, the Democrat contender who consistently beats him in polls. While Americans continued to be deprived of social benefits common to industrialized nations, conservative trolls got more attention than they deserve and distracted from real problems.

BTRtoday bid farewell to independent Presidential candidate Ross Perot and decried the current state of the Republican party. We explored political campaign songs. And yes, cried a bit about the future when no one was looking.

Here are our top political stories of the year.

Creating the Ideal Presidential Fast Food Buffet

Improving on Trump’s weak “great American food” spread.

When Will Americans Get Paid Parental Leave?

America is one of the only industrialized nations without federal paid family leave. But progress could be on the horizon.

Don’t Fall For The Boston Straight Pride Parade’s Scam

It’s not a harmless novelty when it’s organized by dangerous alt-right hustlers who don’t deserve a platform.

RIP to Ross Perot, Who Was Right All Along

Even in death, Ross Perot is getting shorted on the respect he deserves.

The Republican Party is The Party Of Death. Start Calling it That.

The party of Lincoln has mutated into a political cult dedicated to snuffing out life whenever possible.

A Brief History of Presidential Campaign Songs

You can thank George Washington for hearing Dolly Parton and John Lennon at today’s campaign rallies.

Massive Turnout at Climate Strike in New York City

Thousands of students and youth organizations marched in downtown Manhattan on Friday.

Did CNN Turn Bernie Sanders Pink?

A reporter’s video appears to have distorted the senator’s skin tone, fueling perception of media bias.