Top Music Meetup Features of 2020

The Music Meetup is every Monday sponsored by Levi’s and hosted by your’s truly, BTRtoday music journalist Elena Childers. I handpick each underground musician I chat with and dedicate an entire episode to them. I even do a little written feature on them to add a little spice.

2020 has been a tough year, but these artists kept going strong and I’m so thankful for that. Check out my favorite Music Meetup episodes this year and stream the playlist episodes of these artists—part one here and part two here!

Yonatan Gat

Yonatan Gat Starts Over With Traditional Native American Music
He was getting pretty bored with the whole music scene thing—until he met the Eastern Medicine Singers.


The Paranoyds

The Paranoyds Talk ‘Carnage Bargain’ & Knowing Yourself
It’s been a big year for the Los Angeles thrashers. Now they’re looking to the future.


Kahiem Rivera

“Sippin’ Wine with Kahiem Rivera—Plus a Debut Album Announcement”
While enjoying a glass of red, we chat new music, morbid raps, and hip-hop’s roughness.



“Talking Five Years Behind with Thick (the Album and in Life)”
A lot has happened for the pop-punk trio and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.


Danny Denial

“Danny Denial Chats New Album & Living In Seattle’s Autonomous Zone”
The Black & queer musician uses his art for justice, but is taking it to a whole new level.


Baba Ali

“Baba Ali Found Inspiration During Lockdown & Protesting”
He pulls from personal and collective conscious experience to create transformative indie rock.


Red Arkade

“NYC Punks Red Arkade Call for Real Freedom”
“We mean total freedom. Not freedom with restrictions and sh*t. Like, real freedom.”


Nana Adjoa

“Nana Adjoa’s Music Grows Towards the Abstract”
The artist’s thoughts & perceptions are evolving to be more abstract and she loves it.


The Dead Milkmen

“Chatting with The Dead Milkmen’s Rodney Anonymous, One of the Founding Fathers of Satirical Punk”
Original member Rodney Anonymous chats DIY corpse preservation, new & old tunes, the Satanic Temple, & much more.



“Rebelmatic’s Creature Chats New Album, Systemic Racism, & the Pandemic”
Meaningful hardcore is simply a by-product of the NYC punks’ creative flow.


A.F. Cortés

“Chatting with the Creator of the Upcoming Documentary Brooklyn Is Burning”
“This documentary is a political film in the world of music,” A.F. Cortés says.



“West London’s DJ WheelUP Defines Broken Beat”
Plus, get a listen to his recent EP, Wanezi—insanely danceable & features Alabama rapper Brint Story.



“Päter Explains the Solitude That Helped Create SOLE”
Her newest EP bursts with energy & hopefulness even though it was created while she was all alone.


Babe Rainbow

“Peeling the Mandarin with Angus, Babe Rainbow’s Lead Vocalist”
Angus “Peggy” Dowling cheerfully chats from the future about fruit, new music, live shows, & babies.