Top Indie EPs of 2019 You Might've Missed

Full-length albums are great, but sometimes you need something that makes its point faster. A good EP gives you the perfect taste of what a band or musician is made out of.

Here are our top 15 EPs from this year (in alphabetical order). Check them out—you might find your new favorite song.


Ackerman, A Million Sunflowers

These experimental lo-fi indie boys give you spacey sounds that are out of this world.


The Advertisers, EP 1

The spirit of true-blue rock ‘n’ roll lives on in the licks and howls of this NYC-based band.


Charly Bliss, Supermoon

The kings and queen of indie-pop can’t stop and won’t stop giving us the tunes we need to feel.


Dropper, s/t

Are you just trying to live your life and be the best person you can be but the world keeps being a dick? Then this debut EP from NYC indie rocker is for you.


Drug Couple, Hissy Fit

The debut EP from indie-pop duo really has us impatient for more.


Flasyd, s/t

Raw punk rock thrashers only for the always fast and never accurate person.


Gnarcissists, Caught In The Webb (double EP)

The most chaotic and satisfying punk rockers you’ll hear in NYC.


Miranda & the Beat, Baby Please Don’t Say You Love Me

The sultry sounds and head-spinning beats of this group will give you goosebumps.


Priestess, s/t

Metalheads rejoice and live on headbaning to this one.


Sahd Wyte Guyz, Sad Systems

If you’re wondering what hip experimental NYC rock sounds like, these cool cats got it down.


Skux, Kudis

Here is some empowering punk from an Alaskan park ranger to help you get your shit together.


Sleep Eaters, Holy Days

These moody rockers make you want to be a heartbroken outlaw with their twang-infused melodies.


Slothrust, Peach

The classic indie group here to keep the angst alive in the world of music.


Squid, Town Center

These UK experimental rockers can’t be pegged to any one genre and with every release, they prove their creative versatility.


Surfbort, You Don’t Exist

Beloved NYC-based punks here to give you friendly fast, loud and messy music that you’re going to want to blast.


Thick, s/t

Pop-punk isn’t dead. The ladies of Thick are here to slap you in the face with it and make you love it.


Weeping Icon, Control

Listen to this to get hit with a tidal wave of guitar and brain breaking screams that’ll have you begging for more.


Yak, Atlas Complex

Trippy, indie, psych, garage and rock are just some of the genres these English boys can be described as—you’ll have to listen to it yourself.