Top Indie Albums of 2019 You Might've Missed

These under-the-radar musicians released some of the most awesome and rocking music you’ll ever hear. From punk rock, indie pop and even metal, the artists below might’ve been low profile in 2019, but they deserve your love in the future.

Listen below (in alphabetical order).

Amyl & The Sniffers, s/t
This wildest bunch of Aussie punks will have you hooked in seconds.


Angel Olsen, All Mirrors 
This sweet and dark album is a roller coaster of emotions, but you’ll want to keep riding it over and over again.


Bleached, Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough? 
The indie in-your-face rockers Bleached don’t disappoint with their third full-length.


Bloodshot Bill, Come Get Your Love Right Now 
Be careful with Bloodshot Bill’s Come Get Your Love Right Now. This old-school, vintage-feeling blues-rock album will have you falling in love with the first person you see.


Bloom, demos 
If these are just the demos, Bloom’s official release is gonna blow some minds.


Cherry Glazerr, Stuffed & Ready 
Though the music is gritty classic garage punk, the vocals are perfectly sweet, angelic and melodic.


By combining J-pop and fast garage rock, CHAI made an epic and one of the most creative albums of the year.


The Coathangers, The Devil You Know 
The punk rock trio gets in touch with their sweet side in this album and it rules.


Daddy Long Legs, Lowdown Ways 
Another vintage-infused blues album—this one will have you swaying and dancing in no time.


Deep State, The Pat to Fast Oblivion 
This album takes pop-punk and adds a post-punk theme to it.


The Drums, Brutalism 
Maybe the most emotional yet from this well-known indie rocker—definitely worth a listen.


Dylan Earl, Squirrel in the Garden
There’s nothing I love more than some contemporary rock combined with some old school twangy country sounds and Dylan Earl delivers plenty of that mix on Squirrel in the Garden.


Empath, Active Listening: Night On Earth
Dark post-punk with melodies that nestle into your brain for good.


Faux Ferocious, Pretty Groovy
Fuzzy garage rock from Nashville that puts you into an introspective mood.


FIDLAR, Almost Free
The way the believed pop-punkers of FIDLAR are experimenting with new sounds makes it an exciting time for their fans.


Fontaines D.C., Dogrel 
Dark and guttural vocals shower over drums and fuzz, creating a thunderstorm of punk rock.


Frankie & the Witch Fingers, ZAM
Frankie & the Witch Fingers keep their signature trippy psych vibes, but up the catchiness on their melodies.


Fruit Tones, Natural Selection
Raw garage rock from the U.K. that pulls at your heartstrings.


Grim Streaker, No Vision
The empowering punk rock of Grim Streaker hits like a ton of bricks.


GRLwood, I Sold My Soul To The Devil When I Was 12
The badass Kentucky duo brings back the “fuck you” vibe to punk rock with fast and simple, but intense tracks.


Iguana Death Cult, Nude Casino
Experimental art-psych rock that you won’t be able to get enough of.


Leggy, Let Me Know Your Moon
This album is perfect to shout and sing along to no matter what mood you’re in.


Levitation Room, Headspace 
Hardcore psych-rock that’s perfect to space out to.


Mattiel, Satis Factory 
Though she was raised on a farm, Mattiel’s album oozes with sophistication and bold experimentation.


The Medium, Get It While It’s Hot 
Sarcastic and fun indie rock with a touch of twang that anybody can relate to.


Miss June, Bad Luck Party
Epic punk rock, perfect for any badass trying to take names and kick ass.


The Mystery Lights, Too Much Tension! 
The Mystery Lights’ latest can be left on repeat for days and never get old.


Nox Boys, Out Of Touch
Roll up your sleeves and feel like a greaser with these bluesy rockabilly-esque boys from Pittsburgh.


Oh, Rose, While My Father Sleeps
This one keeps you rocking, but chills things out and sweetens your ears up.


Oh Sees, Face Stabber
The perfect album for anybody who loves to get lost in riffs, shreds, picks and any other guitar lingo you can think of.


Old Lady, s/t
Bluesy/twangy sexy rock ‘n’ roll, baby.


Paint Fumes, What A World 
Each track is so unique you can leave it on repeat and never get sick of it.


PUP, Morbid Stuff
A pop-punk album that is obsession-worthy for any fan of the genre.


Retail, Dead
Classic fast, raw and dirty punk rock. Every song flies by in less than two-minutes so you’ll never get bored.


Sabrina Is Not In This Chat, Not Recommended For Sensitive Skin
Experimental raw punk from a trio who really knows how to have fun.


SadGirl, Water
Romantic ballads and garage rock. Guaranteed to be love at first head bang.


Screaming Females, Singles Too
Screaming Females pairs unique vocals with intricate guitar playing. This New Jersey-based band deserves a must-listen label.


Shadow Year, Hush Hush Panic
The sweet and melancholic indie music of Shadow Year blossomed in an NYC garage scene and made this beautiful baby.


Sheer Mag, A Distant Call
We’ll never get enough of that classic Sheer Mag rock and punk sound and A Distant Call brings it on strong.


Swedish punk rock takes on a high school theme making you feel like an angsty trouble-making teen again.


The Shivas, Dark Thoughts 
The Shivas play melodic indie rock with an alluring and mysterious side. Dark Thoughts will be your next obsession.


SUO, Dancing Spots And Dungeons 
From the frontwoman of BOYTOY, SUO’s sexy indie album Dancing Spots And Dungeons is like nothing you’ve ever heard before.


Thelma & the Sleaze, Fuck, Marry, Kill 
You may want to fuck and/or marry this music-making genius, but never kill.


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