Top 25 EPs & Seven-Inches of 2019 So Far

After we made our Top 25 Albums of 2019 So Far list, we had to follow it up with our short form faves..

EPs and seven-inches are underrated. They’re like amuse bouches for recently discovered bands or a tastes of a beloved band’s new sound. Here are BTRtoday’s 25 favorite EPs and seven-inches that have been released this year. As we do, don’t expect any Hot 100 chart-toppers in here. This list is reserved for the coolest of the cool, the underground/independent rockers of the music world. (Listed in order of release date.)


1. Van Dammes, Risky Business EP (Rockstar Records) 1/11
The fourth EP from Finland’s gritty garage/punk rockers Van Dammes will have you head-banging along in the blink of an eye.


2. Daddies, EP 1 (King Pizza Records) 1/12
New Jersey thrashers Daddies have created four tracks that create a rock ‘n’ roll shot straight to the heart.


3. ICE Balloons, Bicky Do Down/Body In The Park 7″ (Muddguts) 2/1
The dirty NYC punk of ICE Balloons buzzes in your ear like a fly that you just can’t seem to swat.


4. Plastic Pinks, Abbey Road/Sun Studios 7″ (Ghost Drag Records) 2/5
Floridian rockers Plastic Pinks brought their party vibes to famed studios in London and Tennessee and the results rock for themselves.


5. Francie Moon, New Morning Light EP (Keeper Records) 2/15
Moon still brings her trademark dirty New Jersey garage vibe to her sound but rings it out with blues and intricate psych guitar riffs.


6. Future Punx, The World Is A Mess EP (Modern Sky USA) 3/1
Imagine you’re on acid and just got sucked into the motherboard of a synth—that’s what it’s like experiencing the new EP by NYC experimental electro punks Future Punx.


7. Liily, I Can Fool Anybody In This Town EP (Flush Records) 3/8
Over the course of six tracks Liily uses in-your-face melodies, screams, distortion and fast beats to evoke desperation and urgency.


8. Thick, s/t EP (Epitaph) 3/26
This is Thick’s first release on their new label, Epitaph and the beloved NYC pop-punkers take no prisoners and leave none disappointed.


9. Sharkmuffin, Gamma Gardening EP (Exploding In Sound) 4/5
The rockin’ gals of Sharkmuffin play hooky riffs and distorted vocals that make for dreamy vibes.


10. YAASSS, So Down To Go Down 7″ (Fetish/Roolette Records) 4/12
You better be ready to party when you listen to this fast and sassy 7″ by falafel punks YAASSS.


11. Lenny Bull, Sharp Teeth (Cock & Bull Records) 4/25
Bull brings a nice break from the mosh-inducing sounds crowding this list. Slow it down and savor their sweet and slow Americana-inspired melodies.


12. Surfbort, You Don’t Exist EP (Modern Sky) 5/24
We instantly are back to the fast, sweet and simple gritty punk with Surfbort’s latest EP. You Don’t Exist smacks you right in the face with short songs that you’ll replay immediately after hearing them for the first time.


13. Native Sun, Juarez/Oedipus Race 7″ (Inferior Planet/ Buen Dia Records) 5/15
Native Sun has melted fans’ faces off with this song live for a while. Now they’ve finally gone to the studio to bring it to you crisp and clean on vinyl.

Native Sun, “Oedipus Race” live Daytrotter Session


14. The Beaches, The Professional EP (Universal Music Canada)  5/16
The Beaches rock hard and keep things bubbly and fun, even while taking on cat callers and inequality.


15. The Jins, Death Wish EP (604 Records) 5/17
Dark and emotional garage rock here from The Jins that uses fuzzed guitar and guttural choruses to show how to use angst to your advantage.


16. Fauvely, This Is What The Living Do EP (Diversion Records) 5/17
With echoing vocals, cymbal rolls and slow guitar picks Fauvely brew up a familiar-feeling nightmare in your ears.


17. Snakes & LATHE, APT 66 Split 7″ (self-released) 5/28
These five tracks from two artists create a dark and twangy cowboy anthem.


18. Las Rosas, Day Sleeper EP (Greenway)6/14
Indie pioneers Las Rosas wear their hearts on their sleeves with this melodic four-track EP.


19. Scott Yoder, You’ll Never Know 7″ (Earth Libraries) 6/21
The two songs on glam punk Scott Yoder’s You’ll Never Know are drenched in distortion and bursting with passion.


20. A Deer A Horse, Everything Rots That Is Rotten EP  (Corpse Flower Records) 6/21
Heavy psych metal that’s inspired by Major Lazor—what more can I say?


21. The Advertisers, EP 1 (self-released) 6/28
Hardcore rock ‘n’ roll with deep and gritty vocals that’ll make your bones rattle and fast bluesy guitar that will burn the flesh clean off your bones.


22. Melt, Sour Fruit EP (Halfshell Records) 6/28
Portland, OR art punks stay dirty and DIY but get intricate and delicate with this new EP.


23. The Paranoyds, Hungry Sam EP (Suicide Squeeze) 7/14
Only two songs are out so far for the Paranoyds’ new EP, but it’s already bursting with fun, fast and colorful rock ‘n’ roll.


24. Bush Tetras, Hum/Seven Years 7″ (Third Man Records) 7/26
Bush Tetras are pioneering punk idols that inspire artists we love and mosh out to today. Everyone should be waiting on the edge of their seats for this seven-inch.

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25. Sleep Eaters, Holy Days EP (PNKSLM) 8/9
Another cowboy gone to the dark side. Only two songs are out from Sleep Eaters’ upcoming EP and both raze the specter of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds while adding a hint of Hank Williams Sr.