Top 25 Albums of 2019 So Far

It’s that time of the year again when I,  BTRtoday’s resident music expert, looks back at the last six months in music and gives you a list of the top 25 albums that released so far this year.

Don’t expect to see pop icons Ariana Grande or Lizzo on here (although I am a BIG fan of both). This is a list of all the hardworking underground/independent musicians that you might’ve missed—they deserve some lovin’ too. The list goes in order of date released—I hope you love them all as much as I do (because that would mean you have GREAT taste in music).

Enjoy and you’re welcome.

1. Night Beats, Myth of a Man (Heavenly) 1/18
This sultry rock album keeps things fun and dancey while still making your heart sigh.


2. Juan Wauters, La Onda (Captured Tracks) 1/25
Juan Waters sings slow and simple melodies in Spanish that are perfect for times when you need to kick back and watch the world go by.


3. Jessica Pratt, Quiet Signs (Mexican Summer) 2/8
Pratt’s deep vocals and sweet melodies will release all of the pent up sadness you’ve been carrying around.


4. Anemone, Beat My Distance (Royal Mountain Recordings) 2/15
Anemone’s music is nostalgic, yet wild and energetic. Beat My Distance will get your thought wheels turning and your hips swaying.


6. AbjectsNever Give Up (Yippee Ki Yay Records) 2/15
Empowering and snappy, all-female trio Abjects prove that rock ‘n’ roll isn’t a boys club with Never Give Up.


7. Bloodshot BillCome Get Your Love Right Now (Goner Records) 2/15
On Come Get Your Love Right Now, Bill’s raspy vocals and chaotic blues guitar create a timeless album.


5. Eerie Wanda, Pet Town (Joyful Noise) 2/25
Bringing back rockabilly to rock ‘n’ roll, Eerie Wanda will make you want to get behind the wheel and out of town.


8. Frankie & The Witch FingersZam (Greenway) 3/1
Looking to lose your mind with some heavy psych rock? Nobody will do it better than Frankie & The Witch Fingers.


9. Hand Habits, placeholder (Saddle Creek) 3/1
With placeholder, Hand Habits made an indie pop album that’s fun and fresh. It’ll make you feel invincible.


10. Drinking Boys & Girls ChoirKeep Drinking! (Damnably) 3/8
Punk isn’t dead and Drinking Boys & Girls Choir’s Keep Drinking! is the proof.


11. Grim Streaker, No Vision (Local Fun Boy) 3/17
Melodic punk from the streets of NYC. Everyone can relate to songs like “A.D.D.” and “Ascending.”


12. PUPMorbid Stuff (Rise Records) 4/12
Pop punk is alive and thriving with PUP. Their album Morbid Stuff is proof.


13. Fontaines D.C., Dogrel (Partisan) 4/12
You’ll feel the darkness with this gritty punk album.


14. Fat White FamilySerfs Up! (Domino) 4/19
The experimental punk of Fat White Family will keep you on your toes as you’re moshing the night away.


15. Otoboke Beaver, Itekoma Hits (Damnably) 4/26
This collection fast punk thrashers show that punk isn’t just alive but here to stay.


16. The Mystery Lights, Too Much Tension! (Wick Records) 5/10
A pure rock ‘n’ roll album, the band’s sophomore LP really kicks you in the ass and will become your new favorite.


17. ShitKid, [Detention] (PNKSLM) 5/10
ShitKid’s [Detention] is the perfect garage album for reliving your rebellious teen years.


18. Pottery, No. 1 (Partisan) 5/10
Canadian band Pottery’s sweet and melodic indie tunes will punch holes in your heart.


19. Charly Bliss, Young Enough (Barsuk Records) 5/10
Charly Bliss are the pop queens of indie rock. On their sophomore album Young Enough, they play fun and bubbly rock hits and plumb new emotional depths.


20. Pip Blom, Boat (Heavenly) 5/31
Another feel-good album, yet this one gets thrashy and will have you feeling strong.


21. Fruit Tones, Natural Selection (Greenway) 6/7
Distorted and fuzzed out garage rock from the U.K. that gets feet tapping and fingers snapping.


22. DumbClub Nites (Mint Records) 6/7
The garage rock band Dumb isn’t afraid to jam out or shout in your face.


23. MattielSatis Factory (Heavenly) 6/12
On Satis Factory, Mattiel blasts out catchy melodies and to-the-point lyrics. It’s music everyone can love.


24. Ryan LaetariBig Boy (Self-Released) 6/14
On Big Boy, Laetari plays dry and stripped-down indie pop that hits you with a hint of twang.


25. DYGL, Songs of Innocence & Experience (Anniversary) 7/3
Reminiscent of early ’00s rock, this album is perfect to listen to on repeat.