Top 10 Tune Up Interviews of 2019

So many interviews, so little time.

I can’t believe 2019 is coming to an end already. It’s been a rollercoaster of a year. But at least we’ve still got some killer bands in the world. I interview over 100 bands every year, so these roundups are always difficult. That said, I still have some favorites.

In chronological order, here are the top 10 Tune Up interviews from 2019 on BTRtoday. Read up and become cool/underground music savvy.

1/17: Drinking Boys & Girls Choir Are Keeping Punk Alive In Korea

“They love to drink and they love to rock, meet the skate punks who won’t give up.”

1/29: Sadie Dupuis on Sad13, Speedy Ortiz & Poetry

“She’s been busy working on her solo project, her indie band and just published a poetry book.”

2/12: Winstons Finally Releases Their Debut LP

“They play true-blue rock ‘n’ roll for real folks. After five years their first full-length is in the making and comes out March 1.”

4/9: Fever Beam Rocks You To Your Happy Place

“The Floridian rock ‘n’ roll trio just released their debut single and want you to get unruly with them.”

5/9: Never Get FOMO with This Exclusive Premiere of The Vaughns’ Debut Album

“We chat with frontwoman Anna Lies and stream their debut album before its release.”

5/23: Go on an Adventure With The Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

“The Australian band’s trippy new record will take you places you’ve never been.”

8/8: Chatting With & Premiering Floam’s Thoughtful New Music Video

“They’re as colorful and entertaining as the children’s toy they’re named after.”

8/23: Premiering Future Silence’s New Out-Of-This World Song “Aliens”

“I don’t wanna say it’s aliens, but … it’s experimental rockers’ ‘Aliens.'”

10/2: The Medium Let The Titanic Sink

“Who really wants to carry around 50+ double box set VHSs on the road? We had to grow up.”

10/9: FREEZ Talks Tough Times, Sexuality & New Album

“The Italian trio brings you fuzzed-out garage rock no matter how difficult it gets.”