Top 10 Nightshift Sounds of 2019

I’ve been to so many wild and crazy rock, punk and garage shows this year, I have no idea how I’m still alive. I’m guessing the fun helped carry me through. Or maybe I’m actually dead already and just haven’t figured it out yet.

Here are the top 10 nights of music, chaos and celebration I experienced creating my live music column “Nightshift Sounds” in 2019 (in order of month). Some of these stories are a little too wild for some squares to handle. So be warned.

Click here to read all of the Nightshift Sounds and judge for yourself which ones were the best.

Stuffed & Ready at the Cherry Glazerr Show
They brought chaos playing hits new and old, including chaotic thrashers from their latest album Stuffed & Ready.

Pazzi Prom Was Prom For NYC Misfits
There’s nothing like moshing and crowd surfing in a tux or gown.


A Secret Frankie & The Witch Fingers at Secret Project Robot
The wild psych-rockers were billed as a ‘secret headliner’ until just the day before.


An Epic NYC Lineup For Give A F*ck About Our Earth Fest
At midnight it was Earth Day and Brooklyn made sure to celebrate with some of its best bands.


A Full Flower Blue Moon for The Mystery Lights’ Record Release Show
The last time these NYC rockers released an album was the last time there was a blue moon, so it was time.


Love Was In the Air at Pop-Punkers Thick’s Show
It was a night filled with love, support, moshing and even a marriage proposal.

Glitter Bombed at High Waisted at Sea 5 ‘the Final Booze Cruise’
How much glitter can you ingest before you die?


An Eclectic, Electric Show for Bodega EP Release
Genre stereotypes were thrown out the window for one great night of music.


Halloweeeee! Kicked Off the NYC Halloween Shenanigans
It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Halloween Done Right at Jonathan Toubin’s Annual Haunted Hop
A beautiful night for all the freaks of NYC to let loose with bands, dancing, a costume contest and more.