Top 10 Music Video Premieres of 2020

If there was anything that kept the world spinning this year, it was music videos.

We don’t mean those high-budget celebrity videos. We mean creative underground artists who put their heart and soul into every project, even if they can only spare $100 bucks to get it done. We’re talking artists who decided to eat peanut butter for every meal to save up for an epic visual piece to accompany their music. Even with the struggle being  extra hard in 2020, we still got some amazing music videos.

There were so many that we loved, but below are our top 10 favorites we premiered for you this year—check them out below. (And check out our top album premieres here and song premieres here!)

Gymshorts, “I’m the Jeff Gordon of Our Generation”

The Massachusetts-based stoner punks come in 1st place with this new NASCAR-themed music video.


Paint Fumes, “Dice Eyes”

This music video will keep you sane by being totally insane during this quarantine season.


Deathlist, “Night Face Regretter”

Romanticize your quarantine blues with this new dark and dreamy post-punk song and video.


H. Kink, “Paws Off”

The twangy indie rockers get retro & competitive in their new music video made while in quarantine.



Honey, you need to tell your haters to f*ck off and this track will give you that empowering push.


The Bottom Dollars, “Weapon”

Themes of civil rights, education, & ending hatred are the main features of this music video.


The Black Black, “Careful On Your Way Out”

The animated music video is dark, deep, and illuminating—we gotta fight this unjust system, why not do it to rock ‘n’ roll?


Pinc Louds, “Spellbound”

Thompkins Square Park gets lit up with the energy and music of Pinc Louds.


95 Bulls, “Crazy”

They’re impossible to google & now they’re debuting with a song saying they’ll drive you crazy—it’s beautiful.


Grayson, Uruguay, & Danny Denial, “illusion”

“We know this song will bring relief,” Grayson says. “We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re not backing down.”