Top 10 Indie EPs of 2018

Full-length albums are great, but sometimes you need something that makes its point faster. A good E.P. gives a taste of what a band or musician is made out of.

Here are the top ten EPs from this year. Check them out. You might meet your new favorite song.

Shitkid, This Is It EP
This eerie and trippy EP sounds like music from a vampire’s underground club.


The Muckers, Better Without You EP
The psychedelic thrashers will rattle your soul.


Ruth Carp & The Fish Heads and Dead Brian, Ruth & Brian’s Unholy Matrimony EP
Aussie psych garage rockers came together to create a collaborative collection of songs perfect for nursing a hangover to.


Gnarcissists, s/t EP
Get ready to thrash until you die to NYC punk rockers’ collection of songs about the hardships of livin’ in the city.


Public Practice, Distance is a Mirror EP
Art post-punk rockers have created a beautifully catchy debut EP that will set your mind wandering.


Wet Leather, Present Lives EP
These pop rock boys are just so freaking charming. You won’t be able to help dancing to every track.


Justus Profitt & Jay Som, Nothing’s Changed EP
The two Bay area indie artists joined forces for a melancholic country music-inspired EP.


Max Pain and the Groovies, Sounds From The Hole EP
Max Pain and the Groovies’ psych rock is melodic and fun.


Native Sun, Always Different, Always the Same EP
Nothing’s more punk rock than thrashing to what you believe in. These guys rock out to expose the world’s inequalities.


L.A. Witch, Octubre EP
This dark and spooky extended play will be the perfect rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack for your next satanic ritual.