Throw Your Own Edible Easter Party

This Sunday is Easter. What better way to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection than by getting really, really high?

We talked to experts in the edible cannabis field, some of whom have put on their own adult Easter festivities. From weed Chex Mix to cannabis cake balls, your celebration might enrage your pastor but your guests will love you.

Springtime Strains

Whether to bake into delicious Easter treats or puff the old-fashioned way, the right strain matters. Depending on your state, the types of strains available can change depending on the time of year.

Laura Brannan, COO of elbe’s edibles, likes an indica-sativa hybrid strain called Jillybean for the spring, describing it as “uplifting.” Plus, for Easter, “it has that jelly bean-type name,” she says. She also recommends Dogwalker, another social strain that induces giggles and helps relieve depression.

Andrew Mieure of Top Shelf Budtending, a “classy cannabis” service that helps people plan their cannabis events, suggests chocolope for its “chocolatey, earthy aftertaste, which would pair well with actual Easter chocolates.” It’s great for a party, he says, because it makes you “happy, optimistic and social.” You do have to smoke or vape it to get the full flavor.

Edible Recommendations

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without an egg hunt. So, since this is a stoned Easter, Brannan recommends using edibles that you can hide or collect in a basket, like her cannabis cake balls.
“Hide them around the house and have people look for their Easter treat then get stoned,” she says. “We’ve done it. It was a blast.”

Photo by elbe’s edibles

Brannan and her husband, elbe’s edibles CEO Hovering Laplante, suggest using real cannabutter (cannabis-infused butter) when making your edibles. Most edibles you can buy now use THC extracts, not the whole bud. You still get high but Laplante says you miss the “full profile” of the cannabis, such as the flavor and duration of the high.

You also don’t have to just use edibles at your Easter, especially since they might not be readily available in your area and maybe you’re just the worst at baking. No problem. Brannan’s adult Easter parties also include hollow plastic eggs filled with buds and joints.

Carrie Solomon, owner and cofounder of Portland edible company Leif Goods, suggests including a high CBD option for your guests, such as her chocolate-covered marshmallow bon-bons (which would go well in an Easter basket). That higher CBD gives a balanced, chill body high that Solomon says makes you feel like you are a “fuzzy kitty.”

Leif Goods Marshmallow Bon-Bons. Photo by Green Box

If you’re feeling extra on-theme, try making your own cannabis chocolate Easter eggs.

Don’t Forget Savory

“There’s so much sweet in the baskets, look for your savory edibles instead,” says Brannan, who makes an edible party mix she calls Snack Mix OG. After separating the wheat cereal from the rest of the mix, cover it in cannabutter and bake it. That way, your mix gets a nice combination of medicated and non-medicated goodies.

Photo by elbe’s edibles

Just Remember …

This may seem obvious, but tell all your guests that there are edibles at the party. Even one uncomfortable person can ruin an event, says Solomon. Label everything, including as much as you can about the strains used and the dosage of each serving. She also recommends including high CBD options for those who prefer its effects more than strong THC strains and edibles (THC gets you more high while CBD is more relaxing).

Finally, be careful to not overmedicate your guests. As Brannan reminds us, “Nothing kills a party like everyone falling asleep.”