This Year’s Stupidest Super Bowl Prop Bets

Super Bowl betting is big business. It’s so big, in fact, that you can bet on virtually everything in and surrounding the game. Even if you don’t have any interest in what happens on the field, laying down a few bucks on some props is an easy way to make things interesting.

Don’t expect to make money on prop bets, though—many of them are impossibly hard to predict. Last year, the color of Gatorade poured on the winning coach was the popular bet. Rumors swirled that the energy drink company would fill the team’s coolers with purple Gatorade to honor the late Kobe Bryant. Unsurprisingly, that bet didn’t hit, as Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid was doused with orange Gatorade when his team won.

If you think betting on Gatorade color is dumb, rest assured, it gets dumber. There are odds on commercial couples, performance lengths, poem words, and, yes cheeseburgers. And just in case you don’t want to wade through all the silliness, we’ve picked out the dumbest, best prop bets available for this year’s big game.

(Odds via BetOnline)

What will be said first?

Mask(s) (-300), Coronavirus (+200)

COVID-19 will be prominent at this year’s Super Bowl, so it’s a sure bet masks will be discussed. Players and coaches on the sideline are required to wear them, so it’s almost certain they’ll garner a mention. Coronavirus, meanwhile, has somewhat fallen out of the media lexicon, but those +200 odds might be too juicy to pass up.

Which coach’s nostrils will be seen first during the game?

Andy Reid, Chiefs (+150) or Bruce Arians, Buccaneers (-200)

This is a fun bet because these coaches are known for their mask hijinks. Reid actually started the season wearing a plastic shield that got so foggy it became a meme. Arians, meanwhile, has sported plastic shields and all different kinds of masks, from classic N95s to custom team cloth ones. He’s even worn ‘em upside down. Given Arians’ unpredictability, it makes sense that he’s the favorite.

Color of The Weeknd’s Jacket When First Seen

Black (+110), Red (+175), Blue (+300), White (+300), Purple (+500)

Okay, in fairness, this isn’t a whole lot different than betting on Gatorade color. If you have a little inside info, go with it—say, a friend of a friend who knows a guy that works for the company that tailors The Weeknd’s tour wardrobe. Absent that, though, it’s mostly a tossup. Red seems like a good play, given how frequently people like to compare his voice to Michael Jackson, who was known for wearing red on big stages.

What type of couple be seen first in a commercial?

Interracial couple (-500), LGB (no T) couple (+300)

We’ve got some questions here, namely, why no T? Also, why is this even a thing you can bet on? The oddsmakers are confident we’ll see an interracial couple at some point during the telecast, as they’ve even got odds on which gender will be white or black (again, why such narrow vision on interracial couples?). Our advice is to stay away here, but if you see an interracial gay couple, get ready for all hell to break loose.

Will any player slap Sarah Thomas’ butt?

Yes (+1600) or No (-10000)

Sarah Thomas is the first female referee to officiate a Super Bowl, and yes, this is a real thing you can bet on. Touching a referee is a penalty that leads to automatic ejection, so players touching refs almost never happens, even accidentally. It’s also hard to imagine a player in the biggest game of his professional life pulling himself out of the moment to commit light sexual assault, but hey, you never know.

Times Jim Nantz says Queen Latifah’s name.

Over (+110) or Under (-150) one time

Queen Latifah’s got a new show on CBS, which means that CBS has been promoting it nonstop during football season. In-game promos are far less likely during the Super Bowl, but we can pass up the chance at Nantz’s famous dulcet tones uttering the Queen’s name at least once during the three hour broadcast. Bet the over on this unless you hate joy (or Queen Latifah).